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An Phu Secondary Campus Community Service

The Community Service profile at our Secondary campus gains new momentum every term. Students are very pro-active at planning experiences when visiting our partner schools and prepare engaging and fun activities for children at Thao Dien Disabled School, Binh Tho School and Mai Am Shelter. Our Greenr, Global Goals and All Things Animals clubs work determinedly to share key messages and initiatives, whilst students in other service projects lead campaigns to promote cancer awareness and support the children's oncology ward at a local hospital. Both students and teachers make a point of going out into the local community to make a difference to the lives of others, whether it's to play with the disabled children of Thao Dien School or teach English at Huynh Van Ngoi School, or travel further afield to do activities with children from Thien Phuoc Orphanage. 

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In Curriculum
Who? Project Name Organisation Link Project Brief Web links
Yr 7 Environment Awareness Week** Eco-Schools, UK Each Year 7 class have to plan, prepare and take part in an awareness campaign highlighting a specific environmental issue. They are then given time during the school day to raise awareness of these issues to the rest of the school. The projects encourage the students to be creative with their approach and to engage all year groups via different forms of communication. www.eco-schools.org.uk
Yr 8 Overcoming Disabilities ** Thao Dien Disabled School  Weekly visits to Thao Dien School overcoming disability, social and cultural barriers.  
Yr 9 Helmets for Kids ** AIP Campaigning to raise awareness on the importance of wearing a helmet and road safety. Training Year 6s and monitoring helmet use for Huynh Van Ngoi School. www.asiainjury.org
Yr 10 The Mai Tam Project ** Mai Tam House Overcoming social and health barriers and debating related global issues. A program of visits and activity afternoons for the children at Mai Tam Home who are affected by AIDS. Supported by Sunshine volunteers and the PTG www.maitamhouseofhope.com
Yr 12 Project Aware ** Project Aware Student led committees volunteering, raising awareness and funds for projects to reduce marine debris and stop shark finning www.projectaware.org
  Loreto Kids ** Loreto Kids Student led committees volunteering, raising awareness and funds for education development projects in the provinces of Vietnam www.loretovietnam.org
  Heartbeat Foundation ** VinaCapital Foundation Student led committees volunteering, raising awareness and funds for operations for children with heart defects www.vinacapitalfoundation.org
  Operation Smile ** Operation Smile Student led committees raising awareness and funds for children with cleft palates www.operationsmile.org
  KonTum ** Poussieres de Vie – Kon Tum Student led committees volunteering, raising awareness and funds for the orphanages and efforts for the NGO Poussieres de Vie. www.poussieresdevie.org
  Street Kids Swimming ** Binh Trieu and Binh Tho School CAS – Weekly swimming lessons for the street kids of Binh Trieu and Binh Tho www.ffscvn.org
Extra – Curricular Activity
Who? Project Name Organisation Link Project Brief
Yr11-13 Movember ** Thuys Dream


(Term 1 only) Childrens Cancer Wards
Yr 8 -13 GINS Club ** Global Issues Network 

The Global Issues Network (GIN) empowers young people to think critically, investigate and pose solutions for global issues. During the sessions we will explore a variety of issues through film, documentaries, the news, articles and other mediums. You will have the opportunity to reflect, discuss and debate as well as spread awareness of these issues within the school community. Previous issues investigated have been: Human trafficking, Damming of the Mekong, ISIS and conflict in the Middle East.


Yr 10-13 Teaching English at Huynh Van Ngoi Primary School ** Huynh Van Ngoi Government School A rewarding and fun opportunity to work as a group teaching English at a local school. The students are aged 7-9 and full of enthusiasm and energy. The main focus of lessons is practising speaking skills.
Yr 7-12 Orphanage Art Project ** Ky Quang Pagoda II We play games and do creative activities with the students in Go Vap.  Sign up is per session and we have a student committee in the 6th form to help us plan activities.
Yr 10-13 Teaching English at Nguyen Hien School ** Nguyen Hien Primary Governement School A rewarding and fun opportunity to work as a group teaching English at a local school. The students are aged 7-9 and full of enthusiasm and energy. The main focus of lessons is practising speaking skills.
Yr 10-13 Mai Am Club ** Mai Am Shelter Help the boys from Mai Am school improve their English skills through games and activities.
Yr 10-13 Books for the Blind ** Nhat Hong School for the Blind & Visually Impaired

Come and create 3D or audio books for the children of the Nhat Hong Centre for the Blind.


All BIS Garden Project **   Join this club to make the BIS Garden into a great space – get your hands dirty, get arty, get a chance to redesign the garden! Make it something we can all be proud of.
All Growing Minds ** Binh Tho School Growing Minds is a service activity that enriches the education of students from Binh Tho school who do not have the facilities to fully enjoy subjects like art, science or gardening. Growing Minds runs termly projects that allows visiting students to experience the exciting resources available at BIS and builds leadership skills amongst BIS students who act as leaders of small learning teams.
All Greenr ** Eco-Schools, UK

Be the change you want to see in the world’ Follow Ghandi’s advice by raising awareness of environmental issues with a local theme. Help the school achieve the highly respected ‘Green Flag’ award for environmental sustainability in a fun and creative way.


Yr 12-13 Children’s Cancer Ward Visits **   Weekly planning and activities to support the lives of the children and their families of the HCMC Cancer ward.
District 2
Yr 12-13 Children’s Cancer Ward Visits    Weekly planning and activities to support the lives of the children and their families of the HCMC Cancer ward.
Binh Thanh **
All Helping hands – Thien Phuoc Club ** Thien Phuoc Home for Disabled Children

Twice Monthly only – as it is a long club session when  we go. Come and visit our friends at Thien Phuoc Home for Children with Disability. They so look forward to our visits, and give as much as they get. Activities are fun and simple – starting from just smiling and hugging through to anything from drawing and music to playing in the brilliant soft playroom BIS built there. For more information check out our website: 



All Thao Dien Disabled School Visits ** Thao Dien Disabled School Weekly visits with games and interactive learning.
All First Aid Club **   Practical instructions on life saving skills and other First Aid emergencies.
Yr 5-7 Community Football Tournament ** BIS Community Partners Tournament held in December for our Community Partners and students from all three Campuses take part
Yr 10-13 Noble Swimming Club  Christina Noble Foundation

Weekly trips to TX to use their pool to teach children from the Christina Noble Foundation how to swim.


* Support the reflection process and character development of your child discussing their thoughts before and after the experience

** As a parent you can get involved! Contact –  samanthahadley@bisvietnam.com

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