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The International General Certificate of Secondary Education or IGCSEs are an internationally recognised set of qualifications based around the British education system. Our broad and balanced IGCSE curriculum challenges and inspires, nurturing our students’ academic, personal, and emotional development. Alongside core subjects, your child will make their own choices, as they tailor learning to their strengths, passions, and ambitions. The two-year IGCSE programme culminates in formal exams, which prepare our students for the rigors of the IB Diploma (IBDP).
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Students study the core subjects of English language and literature, coordinated science, and maths. Our Vietnamese passport holders also study Vietnamese. Students then personalise their curriculum by selecting four subjects from the following options:
  • Art, drama, music.
  • Business studies, economics.
  • ICT.
  • Design technology.
  • Geography, history.
  • PE.
  • Separate sciences (biology, chemistry, physics).
  • Mandarin, French, Spanish.
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IGCSEs nurtured my passions and developed a love for my chosen subjects. This helped me successfully progress on to the IBDP.
IBDP student
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A personalised curriculum


Whether your child has a clear vision of the future - or is still discovering their passions and strengths - IGCSEs provide the perfect opportunity for them to grow their knowledge, build study and assessment skills, and learn more about themselves and their aspirations. 

With 763 subject option combinations, your child can truly personalise their own curriculum pathway. Students for whom English is not their first language can, for example, take an IGCSE in their native language, such as Mandarin Chinese, German, French, or Urdu. Our Vietnamese students take a core Vietnamese component, which covers local literature, history, geography, and culture.

Taught by world-class subject specialists, our IGCSE curriculum will spark your child’s curiosity, hone their skills, and prepare them for the challenge of the IBDP.



Our IGCSE students' remarkable results consistently surpass UK and global averages. This sets them up for success in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and beyond.
of our IGCSE students achieved A+-C grades.
students achieved A+ or A grades in all their subjects.
of grades awarded were either at A+ or A.


Our extensive support programme guides our students and parents through the process of choosing their IGCSE subjects. You'll also benefit from the expertise of our Secondary Leadership Team, including our Deputy Head of Curriculum and Learning, as well as our College and University Guidance Team.

Students joining us in Year 10 receive bespoke support from our admissions experts and academic specialists.

Options Assembly
At the beginning of Year 9, students take part in an assembly that explains the IGCSE process in more detail.
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Options Assembly
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IGCSE Options Evening
In September of Year 9, parents and students are invited to an IGCSE Options Evening. You’ll learn about the subject choices we offer and discuss courses with Heads of Department.
IGCSE Options Evening
First Thoughts Forms
Students submit their ‘First Thoughts Forms’ in October. This helps us develop our option block structure.
First Thoughts Forms
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Final submission
Students then submit their second form after receiving the option blocks. This confirms their final subject choices.
Final submission
Guidance for students joining us in Year 10
Students joining us in Year 10 will receive expert support from our admissions and academic teams, who will lead you through the options process.
guidance for students Joining us in Year 10
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unlockING a world of possibilities


Respected around the world, IGCSEs provide the ideal pathway to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in Sixth Form.

The opportunity to explore their interests and skills at IGCSE level gives our students an insight into the courses and subjects they want to pursue on the IBDP and at university. Students develop invaluable exam skills and learning techniques, too, which help them to achieve top IB Diploma results that consistently exceed the UK national average.

After graduation, our students go on to attend top universities and specialist institutions around the world. These include the University of Oxford, Stanford University,  Imperial College London, and the University of Melbourne.


From IGCSEs through to the IBDP, every student follows a planned pathway to success. As well as encouraging them to explore passions, our approach develops essential skills and in-depth subject knowledge. This prepares them for success at the best universities in the world.
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Introducing the IGCSEs
From the ages of 14 to 16, our students follow the structured and academically rigorous IGCSE curriculum. This allows them to specialise in their chosen subjects.
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Introducing the IGCSES
Examination practice
The two-year IGCSE programme culminates in exams at the end of Year 11. This gives students a goal to work towards, developing discipline, exam skills, and good study habits.
Examination Practice
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Gaining insights for the IBDP
At IGCSE, our students discover their skills and passions, and gain an insight into future pathways. They can then personalise their IBDP to their strengths and ambitions.
Gaining Insights for the IBDP
Building skills on foundational knowledge
After gaining their IGCSEs, our students go on to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Students choose six subjects, three at higher level and three at standard level. They also focus on skill development, including critical thinking, reflection, and enquiry, as well as balancing academic studies with personal, social, and emotional health.
Building skills on Foundational Knowledge
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IBDP exam readiness
Having gained exam experience at IGCSE level, students already have a wealth of knowledge, stress management techniques, and revision skills. Our students consistently achieve top IBDP results, which is thanks to their preparedness for exams.
IBDP Exam Readiness
A headstart to the world's top universities
When the time comes to apply to their chosen universities, our students are in a fantastic position. They can draw on experiences from IGCSEs and the IBDP - two very different ways of learning - have developed as people, and obtained an unparalleled breadth of skills. The top universities view both IGCSEs and the IBDP as prestigious qualifications.
A headstart to the world's Top Universities
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Flourishing at university
Our students go on to attend top universities and specialist institutions around the world. These include the University of Oxford, Stanford University, Imperial College London, and the University of Melbourne.
Flourishing at university
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our facilities


Innovation flourishes on our state-of-the-art Secondary Campus, where the next generation of artists, athletes, performers, and scientists nurture their skills.

Cutting-edge interactive technology enriches learning in our DREAMS, science and design labs, robotics room, and classrooms. And in our sports facilities and inspirational creative spaces, which include a professional auditorium, every student is encouraged to express themselves.

frequently asked questions (faqs)

  • What are the benefits of IGCSEs?

    IGCSEs give our students the opportunity to personalise their learning, as they choose which subjects to study based on their interests and skills. This specialisation gives them a much deeper insight into their chosen fields.

    Our students also develop vital study and exam skills, which are extremely beneficial to them as they progress through their education.

    IGCSE qualifications are respected worldwide. They'll also add value to your child’s university application, giving them a headstart on their journey to top institutions across the globe.

  • What is the difference between IGCSEs and GCSEs?
    GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) are subject-based qualifications taken by UK students. IGCSEs are simply an adapted version of the curriculum, designed to suit an international context.

    GCSEs are only offered in the UK; IGCSEs are studied in more than 150 countries worldwide (including the UK).
  • Do universities look at IGCSE results?
    Yes, alongside your child's IBDP results, universities will consider their IGCSE grades. These give them a better understanding of academic achievements over time.
  • What is the difference between IGCSEs and the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP)?

    IGCSEs are subject-based qualifications that enable students to specialise in their chosen areas. In contrast, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) framework offers a broader overview of subjects. The MYP also doesn't give students as much freedom to personalise their learning.

    The MYP is focused more on general skill development, whereas the comprehensive IGCSE curriculum prioritises in-depth subject content alongside skill development. This gives students a strong foundational knowledge before they begin the IBDP.

    The IGCSE curriculum culminates in assessed examinations, which offers students the opportunity to hone their exam skills and attain globally recognised qualifications.

  • What is the difference between IGCSEs and the IBDP?

    At BIS HCMC, our students study for their IGCSEs between the ages of 14 and 16 (Years 10-11).

    Between the ages of 16 and 18 (Years 12-13), students go on to complete the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). At this stage, students have already began exploring their passions at IGCSE level, and are well-equipped to make important decisions regarding their future aspirations.

    Both certifications are recognised by the best universities worldwide. 


Your child will flourish at BIS HCMC, where our all-encompassing approach to education balances academic excellence with personal growth and wellbeing, inspiring a lifelong love of learning.

OUR academic excellence
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