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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • What does the application fee cover?
    This fee covers the administrative costs of your application, as well as an age-appropriate admission assessment, if needed. With almost 1,000 enquiries for places each year, it also shows that your family really wants to join our school!
  • What do your tuition fees include?

    Here is a breakdown of what our tuition fees cover.

    For primary: books, uniform pack, day trips, lunch and a snack, a variety of co-curricular activities, and external exams.

    For secondary: books, uniform pack, day trips, a variety of co-curricular activities, and external exams (including IGCSEs and IBDP).

    We’ll arrange for you to collect your child’s uniform pack from our shop as soon as we’ve received your registration fee.

    Please note: our fees don’t include residential trips, instrument lessons, or school buses. At secondary school, fees don’t include lunch and snacks.

  • How does the process differ if my company is paying the tuition fees?
    We want to make the admissions process as straightforward as possible. If your company is paying your child’s fees, our admissions and finance teams are happy to deal with them directly. Please let us know as early as possible in the application process.
  • Why do you ask for a security deposit?

    We ask for a refundable deposit to help us prepare for your child’s arrival. Recruiting the best international teachers is a comprehensive process, which starts in January each year. We invest a considerable amount of time and money in finding the world’s best and want to make sure that your child will be with us the following academic year.

    You’ll need to give a minimum of 90 days’ notice to withdraw your child and get a refund. This is designed to offset the financial outlay we make recruiting additional staff.

  • My child hasn't followed the English National Curriculum before. Which year group will they join?
    This depends on the education system your child is joining us from. To find out how their curriculum compares with our age groups, please take a look at our Age and Grade Comparison Chart.
  • Will my child need to sit an admission assessment?

    Yes, we ask every child to to take an age appropriate admission assessment and for our youngest Foundation Stage children we will invite you all in for a Family Admissions Meeting (FAM).  If English isn’t your child’s first language, they’ll also need to complete an English as an Additional Language (EAL) assessment (From F3 age).  This will help us to assess their EAL needs, if any, and identify what level of support they may require to access both our curriculum and wider school life.

  • Do you offer support to children for whom English isn’t their first language?

    Yes, we do have a dedicated English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme, to support our non-native English speakers in accessing our full curriculum.  However we do expect your child to demonstrate a reasonable level of English, appropriate for their age grade, at application stage.  If a place if offered to you child, with EAL support, this will be a compulsory part of their education.

  • What supporting documents do I need to provide?

    When you apply, you will need to send us the following:

    • A copy of your child's passport
    • A copy of your child's birth certificate
    • A current identification photo of your child
    • A copy of both parents passport or ID card
    • Your child's previous two or latest school reports (in English), if applicable
    • A physical evaluation signed by a doctor (we will provide you with our form)
    • A copy of your child's immunisation record
    • Additional Educational Needs (AEN) assessment records (if applicable) 
    • Your child's application fee (either in Vietnamese Dong or by bank transfer) 
    • You will also need to sign and return to us, our Terms and Conditions form. (We will send this to you once you submit an application).
  • What size are your classes? And will my child get the right level of support from your teachers?

    Our class sizes vary. Typically, in primary and secondary, each class has between 20 to 24 students, with 24 being our maximum per class.

    Our youngest learners in Early Years benefit from smaller classes, with an average of 16 students per class and with a teacher/teaching assistant to student ratio of 1 to 5. This ensures each child gets the care and attention they need to thrive.

    Our sixth form classes are also smaller, with an average of just 12 students to a class. This guarantees your child will receive the best possible support through their IBDP journey.

  • Can my child learn an additional foreign language?
    Yes, of course. While all our lessons are conducted in English, we also offer a choice of modern foreign languages, French, Spanish, and Mandarin. You can request your child’s preferred language at the time of enrolment. Your child will also have a Vietnamese class which includes language and culture.
  • Do you offer after-school activities?
    Yes – lots! Your child will choose from more than 100 co-curricular activities, ranging from the arts and sport to the environment and community outreach. Through our extensive range of clubs, your child will nurture their talents and discover new passions, building confidence beyond the classroom.
  • Do you provide a uniform?

    We do, yes. Your child’s uniform is included in their tuition fees. You'll receive a new uniform set at the start of each academic year. This includes five tops, three pairs of shorts or skorts, one PE set, one hat or cap, plus swimwear for our early years and primary students. You can buy school bags and replacement items at our uniform shop.

    To support our sustainability goals, our Parent Teacher Group offers a uniform swap shop service as an alternative to purchasing new replacement items.

  • Will you help us settle into Vietnamese life?

    At BIS HCMC, we truly are a community. As well as supporting your child to settle into school, our Parent Teacher Group will quickly make you feel at home, too, and you’ll be invited to lots of fun family events throughout the year. We are more than happy to help you connect with other families so please do ask our admissions team for contact details. Please check our dedicated Living in HCMC page for top tips on getting set up!

    If your child needs a little extra support, we have a dedicated Advice, Support and Counselling (ASC) team that will help your child to settle into school too.



  • What is the area around BIS HCMC like?
    Our school is located in Thao Dien, which is a predominately expat area of Ho Chi Minh City. Thao Dien has several international and Vietnamese restaurants and cafés to choose from. There are a multitude of modern apartment buildings with excellent facilities. You’ll also find lots of family events and activities in the area, as well as amenities like supermarkets, banks, gyms, and boutiques.