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Strange UFO Encounter at SK School

It was 7.54 am on INSET day Monday 3rd November 2014 (when all the teachers have to go into school and maybe their children). My brother Josh and I were playing in the years 1, 2, 3 playground when we heard it, a humming sound gradually getting louder and louder. It was coming from the sky. Josh and I glanced back and looked… there was an object approaching us. All the birds in the playground stopped singing and some flew away.

We stared at it petrified, both of us were frozen still, like motionless statues consumed by fear. I felt really strange like my body was pulsating.  Suddenly there was silence in the playground. We didn’t say a word. Both of us were utterly speechless! Suddenly a bright stream of blue light came out of the bottom of the craft, its light shone on Josh who immediately fainted. I rushed to my brother and grabbed his shoulders as he lay upon the hard, gravelly, cold damp surface of the playground. “Josh wake up” I screamed. To my relief Josh sat up, then arose to his feet, wiping dirt from his clothes. The object started to make those eerie noises again, then, it disappeared at the speed of light. It seemed as if normality had returned to the 1, 2, 3 playground.

I bravely managed to say “What was that thing? Was it a.............” I hesitated “…….a UFO?” All of a sudden, the noise returned but this time louder, as if more had returned.

I looked up… were there two? No, there were THREE! I was scared witless but I stood there with Josh, the only two people in the playground at that moment. All three crafts landed in front of us, I rummaged through my bag and found my phone, but clouds  of strange green gas and fumes started to spray out at us from the side of the nearest craft, I didn’t know what to do so I quickly pressed the button to take a photo, dropped my phone, and ran for my life, Josh ran screaming after me!

As the gas and fumes dissipated, we realized that the UFOs had departed. I limped back over towards my phone and surprisingly it had survived the fall but sadly the images were lost. As the three crafts shot across the sky, I held out my phone and aimed the lens hoping to capture a fleeting image of this very strange encounter and I did thank goodness!

Have you seen anything strange in the skies over Dubravka recently?  I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Toby Marriott 5B

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