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Key Stage 1 Co-ordinator and Primary Class Teacher KS1

  • Period: Full Time
  • Contract: 2 years contract (extendable)
  • Closing date for applications: 06 Tháng Giêng 2017


The British Vietnamese International School Ho Chi Minh (BVIS)


Key Stage 1 Co-ordinator and Primary Class Teacher KS1


As a member of the Primary leadership team, support the Primary Headteacher in fulfilling the school’s mission statement by delivering a high quality education to children.


Head of Primary





Students, families (current or prospective) and Key Stage 1 team




The British Vietnamese International School, is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and applicants must be willing to undergo child protection screening appropriate to the post, including references from previous employers in accordance with our recruitment policy.  Interviews will be conducted in person, and they will explore candidates’ suitability to work with children.



Specific Responsibilities as Key Stage 1 Coordinator

  •    Ensure all children in KS1 receive a high quality education
  •    Lead and provide day to day management and organisation of KS1
  •    Contribute to the strategic direction of the Primary school as a member of the leadership team
  •    Liaise with the school’s other leaders and departments as a point of reference for KS1
  •    Keep abreast of current developments in Primary practice and advise the school as appropriate
  •    Participate in the formulation of Primary development plans and policies as a member of the leadership team
  •    Identify good practice and areas for improvement in KS1
  •    Be the first point of contact and provide pastoral support for KS1 staff
  •    Lead and oversee KS1 meetings and report back to the Headteacher
  •   Ensure effective communication between all teachers and TAs in KS1 and monitor the implementation of agreed policies and developments
  •    Act as a mentor to new teachers and assist them in their orientation to a new working environment
  •    Participate in the school’s performance management arrangements acting as an appraiser for members of KS1
  •    Lead and monitor planning and the carrying out of assessment procedures in KS1
  •    Lead the moderation of assessment data and the tracking of student progress in KS1
  •    Liaise with the heads of the Learning Support and Language Learning departments concerning the progress of KS1 children
  •    Audit KS1 resources to establish need and re-stock as necessary, within the school’s budgetary allowance
  •    Advise the Headteacher of resource requirements for KS1
  •    Organise and lead parent meetings as appropriate to KS1
  •    Oversee the organisation of KS1 events, productions and assemblies
  •    Oversee the organisation of trips (including residential trips) within KS1. Ensure risk assessment and policy procedures are carried out correctly.
  •    Monitor the quality of home learning tasks in KS1
  •    Lead the transition process at the end of the year for all pupils progressing from one year to the next
  •    Ensure there is a high profile for KS1 within the school and maintain good quality display in public areas which relates to the children’s learning
  •    Ensure all KS1 members are aware of and work effectively within the policies and procedures of BVIS, carrying out any duties that the Headteacher or Principal considers reasonable.


General Responsibilities as a KS1 Teacher

  • Promote the ‘mission’ and philosophy of the school, ensuring that children are working towards being truly bilingual, global citizens
  • Ensure that planning, preparation of resources, recording, assessment and reporting are of the highest quality and meet the varying learning and social needs of children
  • Be flexible and adjust to the needs and priorities of the school, actively contributing to its development and growth
  • Implement agreed policies and developments
  • Take personal responsibility for your own professional development and for student progress
  • Communicate effectively with the school’s stakeholders, being an ambassador for the school at all times.

Quality Learning

  • Ensure all children develop their language skills
  • Plan lessons to ensure high student engagement and enjoyment
  • Plan to meet the needs of a wide range of learners, so that all are appropriately challenged
  • Ensure children’s skills of enquiry, problem solving and creativity are developed and applied
  • Provide opportunities for both collaborative and independent learning
  • Work collaboratively with other teachers and teaching assistants to support quality learning
  • Deliver home learning tasks to children in accordance with the agreed policy and guidelines
  • Maintain a good quality learning environment, including public spaces
  • Communicate progress through written reports, parent consultations and other, as required by the school.

Pastoral Care

  • Be the first point of contact and provide pastoral care to the children in your class(es)
  • Maintain a purposeful and safe learning environment for the children
  • Promote the general progress and well-being of individual children and of the class as a whole
  • Communicate effectively with parents, liaising with other staff as appropriate.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Support the life of the school beyond the classroom
  • Undertake the planning and organisation of day trips within the Key Stage as required, ensuring all risk assessment and policy procedures are carried out correctly
  • Deliver extra-curricular clubs in line with the school’s expectations
  • Support all Key Stage events such as productions and assemblies.

Personal Development

  • Participate fully in the school’s Performance Management procedures
  • Participate in learning walks, observations and coaching as appropriate.


Promote and adhere to the Nord Anglia Education vision and values:

  • Opportunity - for us, opportunities need to be meaningful, about achieving potential and making progress.
  • Impact - for us, impact is about making a difference. It needs to be immediate, positive and lasting.
  • Leadership - for us, leadership is about considering the team’s needs as well as your own, setting inspiring examples, being supportive and showing real accountability and responsibility.
  • Respect - for us, respect is about listening, being inclusive, showing tolerance and getting the little things right


All staff are required to manage effective personal development as part of the Company’s commitment to invest in staff as the key resource in the organisation.

  • Each individual must ensure that they meet their statutory responsibilities and Company policies with regard to Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities and other relevant legislation
  • Any other appropriate duties as allocated by the Chief Executive Officer

Be a valued member of the team and organisation


Experience / Knowledge

  • BEd degree or degree plus PGCE/QTS


  • Good working knowledge of the Primary Curriculum (English National Curriculum)


  • Leadership experience of a year group, an area of curriculum or an area of significant school development


  • Familiarity with the IPC


  • Experience of teaching EYFS


  • Experience of teaching in the UK or overseas minimum 3 years


  • Range of teaching experience across different year groups


  • Previous training in middle management



  • Good classroom practice to act as a role model in Key Stage 1


  • Good interpersonal skills


  • Ability to prioritise workloads and to work on own initiative


  • Experience of leading meetings or INSET sessions


  • Experience of involvement in one or more of: strategic planning, monitoring, performance management as an appraiser


Qualities specific to a dual-language school

  • Relish the prospect of collegial planning and teaching with Vietnamese and English language colleagues


  • Be able to engage and inspire new learners of English


  • Be open to ideas, to continued professional development


  • Be creative in the design and delivery of the curriculum


Personal Attributes

  • High levels of personal integrity


  • Good organisational and time-management skills


  • Ability to work under pressure and remain calm


  • Positive attitude


  • Continually strive for improvement


  • Be energetic and prepared to go the extra mile in shaping the school’s future



  1. Hold a current Criminal Background Check or International Police Check or equivalent for countries lived in outside of the UK tracing employment history for previous 10 years.
  2. Compliance with visa requirements for working in Vietnam.

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