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02 February, 2024

Message from the Head of Primary

Message from the Head of Primary - Message from the Head of Primary
Message from the Head of Primary
At BIS Abu Dhabi, values like empathy, resilience, and nurturing talent drives our mission to create a world-class learning environment. This week, my message underscores the importance of these values, offering a glimpse into our students' journey.

Our youngest learners and numerous staff members had an incredible time at the Petting Zoo, where hands-on encounters brought lessons to life and instilled empathy and curiosity. Witnessing the positive impact of such immersive experiences on our students, links all classroom learning to life.

The echoes of our recent Leadership Conference are still resonating, leaving an indelible mark on our students as they navigate and develop resilience in leadership roles across the school. The insights gained from fantastic guest speakers, including staff and Year 12 students, seamlessly align with our commitment to nurturing talented individuals. We eagerly anticipate the positive contributions these emerging leaders will make throughout the term and beyond.

Arabic Week unfolded as a vibrant celebration of our school's cultural richness, fostering an inclusive environment that recognises and respects the diversity within our community.

The "One People One Planet" event showcased the collective power of our community in contemplating actions for a sustainable future. Focused on Sustainable Development Goal 15 - Life on Land, the initiative, led by our students, seamlessly aligns with our mission.

Linked to the theme of values and the impact they play, you will find in our most recent Nord Anglia Education Magazine Insights a thought-provoking article discussing the potential impact of our achievement-oriented culture on the well-being of our young ones. The article explores the concept of "mattering," emphasising the importance of feeling valued.

This article provides practical insights for parents, including prioritising relationships and encouraging volunteerism but also connects well with our school's emphasis on values. It highlights the significance of nurturing intrinsic self-worth in children, aligning with the values we uphold in our school community.

If you're interested in understanding the connection between "mattering" and our school's values, you can find the full article here. This insightful piece resonates with our shared commitment to fostering a supportive and value-driven environment for our children.

I want to thank our fantastic community, whose unwavering support forms the essence of our mission at BIS Abu Dhabi. We look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming sports days and triathlon next week.


Matthew Harper

Head of Primary