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joining our family
We can’t wait to welcome you to The British International School (BIS) Abu Dhabi.

a community where everyone thrives

We’re delighted you’re thinking about BIS Abu Dhabi for your child’s education. Supported by our exceptional teachers, your child will enjoy life-changing experiences, learn in extraordinary ways, and express their talents. Our families fall in love with our supportive international community, and we’ll make you and your child feel right at home, too.
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Our school welcomes children aged 3-18. We accept applications all year round and new students can start at any time. As part of the admissions process, your child will take an assessment to ensure we can meet their needs and offer the right blend of challenge and support.

Every family’s application process is different, so please get in touch with our admissions team to find out how it’ll work best for you. The team can answer any questions you have, too.

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We know that choosing the right school for your child is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. Our admissions team is here to help. They’ll guide you through the process and make sure you have the information you need.
Starting your application is easy
  • Get in touch with our admissions team – fill in our enquiry form, give us a call, or send an email.
  • Come and take a look around our campus – you can either visit us in person or meet us online.
  • We’ll follow up with you, answer any questions, and walk you through our step-by-step admissions process.
Apply Now
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Ready to apply? Here’s what you need to do.
Make an enquiry
Get in touch with our admissions team to let us know you’re interested in joining the BIS Abu Dhabi family. We can answer any questions, discuss your situation, and confirm whether we have places available.
enquire now
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Make an enquiry
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Join us for a tour
The best way to get a feel for our inclusive school community is to take a tour of our campus. If you’re not in Abu Dhabi, you can meet us online.
join us for a tour
Send us your application
We accept applications all year round. We promise to get back to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends and national holidays) of receiving your form.
Apply now
send us your application
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Every child who joins us takes a short assessment, which vary by age. This may include testing your child’s English language fluency, writing, and cognitive skills.
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Finalising your place
You’re almost there! Once you’ve completed the first four steps – and if our school is the right match – we’ll offer you a place. We’ll send you an offer of enrolment to sign, too.
finalising your place
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Getting started
Once your child’s place is confirmed, we’ll make sure they get a warm welcome.
Getting started
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I can’t wait to meet your family and show you why BIS Abu Dhabi is the perfect place for your child’s education.
Karen Strickland
Director of Admissions and Marketing
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KEY DATES: 2022–23

Here are some important dates for your diary.
First Day of Term 1
Monday 29 Aug 2022
Autumn Half Term
Monday 17 Oct to Friday 21 Oct 2022
Winter Holiday
Monday 12 Dec to Friday 30 Dec 2022
First Day of Term 2
Monday 02 Jan 2023
Spring Half Term
Monday 13 Feb to Friday 17 Feb 2023
Spring Holiday
Monday 27 Mar to Friday 07 Apr 2023
First Day of Term 3
Monday 10 Apr 2023
Last Day of Term 3
Thursday 29 Jun 2023

Tuition fees

Our tuition fees reflect the life-changing learning opportunities we offer, as well as the outstanding success our students go on to achieve.
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  • Is the school open to everyone?
    At BIS Abu Dhabi, we welcome all nationalities. We’re extremely proud of the diversity of our school community. Right now, students, parents, and teachers from more than 90 countries call our school home. We’re also an open enrolment school, which means we welcome students of all abilities. 
  • Do you accept applications all year round?
    Yes, your child can join us at any time during the school year (places permitting). If a year group is full, we'll add your child to our waiting list.
  • Will my child have to take a test before they enrol?

    Yes, your child will sit an assessment as part of our admissions process. This ensures we can meet their learning needs and offer the right blend of challenge and support. Our assessments and interviews vary depending on the age of your child, but may include class observations and English speaking, writing, and cognitive ability tests. 

    All our lessons are taught in English, which is why it’s so important that your child is sufficiently fluent. Our expert English as an Additional Language (EAL) team will help students who need extra support.

  • What's included in your fees?
    Your child’s fees include school materials, most of our co-curricular activities, and secondary exams.
  • I have younger children, too - do siblings get priority?
    Yes, we prioritise siblings of current students.
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Join us for a tour where you’ll meet our exceptional teachers, see our extraordinary learning in action, and get a feel for our warm and supportive school community.

Enquire Now
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