BSB Students achieved Highest IGCSE Marks in China 2017!-bsb-students-achieved-highest-igcse-marks-in-china-2017-logo on teal
Nord Anglia
18 十月, 2017

BSB Students achieved Highest IGCSE Marks in China 2017!

BSB Students achieved Highest IGCSE Marks in China 2017!-bsb-students-achieved-highest-igcse-marks-in-china-2017-Cambridge Award Ceremony 2017 v1

Cambridge International Examinations is pleased to inform that 2 of our students have won  "High Achievement" awards for achieving the highest marks in China in 2 IGCSE subjects.

Congratulations to: 

Karoline Woggon Foreign Language German
Paul Vittot First Language French


The 2 students and their parents were invited to attend the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards Ceremony on 24th October, 2017 and special certificates were awarded.  We are all very proud of their achievements.  

"I would like to pass on my congratulations to both Paul and Karoline! Their achievements are truly remarkable when it is consideraed that we received 2 awards from the available 15 and that the awards were in the category of achievement across all schools in China and not just Beijing." Mr. Rob Khan, Deputy Head of Secondary.

Please see Karoline and Paul's testimonials below.

Karoline Woggon - High Achievement Foreign Language German 2017

When I received the news that I achieved the highest mark in China for my IGCSE German, I was ecstatic; I could scarcely believe it! My success was mainly due to the excellent teaching of Herr Mende and Herr Müller. The atmosphere in my lessons was perfect for learning and vastly improved my German over the course of the year I spent in BSB. Not only my German teachers, but also my form tutor, Mr Harrison, encouraged and supported me throughout the duration of my IGCSE.

My advice for other students who are doing their German IGCSE’s, or any language IGCSE, would be to read books or magazines in the language they are studying, or listen to music whilst trying to understand the lyrics. Of course, I would also recommend practice since you can only learn things if you study them repeatedly. The best form of practising is with your friends in a fun environment!

Paul Vittot – High Achievement First Language French 2017

I was surprised when I heard I have achieved the highest mark in China for my French IGCSE exam! Nevertheless, this achievement was only possible thanks to the help and support of Mrs. Worsley during the year, with regular and helpful pass exam paper’s trainings, countless grammar and vocabulary exercises.

Apart from the past exam paper’s trainings that are absolutely necessary for the method and to understand the format of the exam, the only advice I can give is to read numerous classics of the French literature, in order to develop your writing style, learn new vocabulary and correct your grammar.