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Thursday Club Options

Léman Videographers 

with Patricia Williams for Y8-13  

When deciding to attend a new school, the campus visit is an exciting and important part of the process. These days, it is much harder for families to visit new schools because they are overseas or because of restrictions placed on visitors. This is where the Leman Videographers come in! In this club, we will make videos showcasing Leman – the students, teachers, building, and entire community – that may be placed upon the school website or shared with potential families. You will improve your interviewing skills, practice editing videos, and produce content that will be seen by students and parents considering attending Leman. This is a great opportunity to develop leadership and public speaking skills. Students who are interested in video production are encouraged to join the club; no experience in making videos is required, though a willingness to participate in all areas of the production process (such as script writing, interviewing, filming) is important. The final video will be a great product to include in your internship or university applications. 


Drama - Pirates and Treasure

with Sarah Weinstein for Year 7-13

We will be producing the play "Treasure Island" and we need pirates and sailors to join our production. In this club, we will explore the world of treasure hunting and Pirates! We will be focusing on voice and physical movement, as well as stage combat. You will be a part of our first production, so this might require extra time.



with Noor Qadri for Year 7-13

Our Design Technology teacher Mr. Qadri will lead students through the planning, design and production stages of making simple toys.Our Design Technology teacher Mr. Qadri will lead students through the planning, design and production stages of making simple toys.


Tai Chi Chuan

with Samuel Hyman for Year 7-13

Come and learn the ancient art of Tai Chi Chuan! As well as learning the traditional form, you can learn Tao Yin (internal breathing), Kai Men (Yoga), and even some Kung Fu. Mr Hyman is a qualified instructor of the Li Family System, a system of exercise which will help your concentration, strength, suppleness and general well being!


Model United Nations

with Jordan Olson for Year 7-13

Model UN is a simulation of UN organisations such as the UN General Assembly, UN Security Council, UNICEF, and others. Its participants take the roles of ambassadors from various countries and debate current issues. MUN provides a fantastic opportunity for students to learn more about the issues they care about and how countries around the world are addressing them! Students will receive first hand experiences in international relations, politics, and gain a deeper understanding of current affairs in the world. Students will also improve their collaboration and communication skills, including, but not limited to, public speaking and debate.


Basketball  U19 

with Tiffany Taylor and Felicia Dracz for Year 9-13

Beginning players are introduced to the sport of basketball while more experienced players learn to improve their skills through age-appropriate fun practice plans.  Students will learn the fundamentals of basketball including shooting, dribbling and passing.  As students develop, they will learn more progressively and more complex defensive and offensive plays.  Students will also go beyond the sport by learning sportsmanship. 

U15 Football

with Ryan McKinnon for Year 7-10

Come join our football coach, Mr McKinnon, to practise and develop your soccer skills and enhance your teamwork and problem solving skills through games on our new all weather pitch.


Chinese Checkers Club

with Jody Zhou for Year 4-6

Chinese Checkers is a strategy board game. Playing Chinese Checkers can develope your logical and your analytical thinking. In this club, students will have chance to practice and learn new strategies. Both experienced students and unexperienced students are welcome!


Léman Swim Club

with Ben Lepp and Li Kuan for Year 4-13

This is not a fun swimming club. This club is for students who can already swim but wish to hone their swimming technique to improve fitness or to take part in competitive swimming in the future. Students must already be able to swim a length of the pool.



with Scofield Guo for Year 4-13

Mr Guo has run this very popular club for the past 2 years and it is always heavily subscribed. Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in China. Mr. Guo is accredited as a golf coach by the Chinese Golf Federation.


Ball Hockey

with Tom McCabe for Year 4-13

Ball Hockey is a very enjoyable field sport played around the world. Come join our Athletic Director,Mr. McCabe to have fun playing a new sport and learning new skills.



with Daniel Glowinski and CAS students for Year 4-8

This club will be run by CAS students under the supervision of Mr. Glowinski. Many different areas may be taught under the umbrella of Minecraft such as, Geography, Science and Economics. The students have many ideas and tricks to show the pupils. Only 12 pupils may sign up for this class due to the logistics of running under one account.


Mandarin Language Club (By Invitation)

for Year 3-10

This club is by invitation only from Mandarin Department


Cross Embroidery

with Jill Ling for Year 2-6

"Cross embroidery. Cross embroidery is famous in China. After you spend some time learning to use your fingers, you can create a beautiful craft. Imagine when you arrive to home every day, you can see a beautiful craft on the wall from yourself, what is your feeling? Also, you can make one for your family or your friends. When you do cross embroidery, you can create many different images. For example, an animal or flower."


Watercolour Wonder Club

with Emily Islam for Year 2-4

Watercolour Wonder club will allow your child to unleash their creative side as they explore the use of watercolour in a relaxing and fun environment. They will master new techniques specifically used in watercolour painting. Through the process of watercolour painting they will develop fine motors skills, observational skills, perseverance and most importantly, creativity. Painting stimulates the brain and allows your child to convey their ideas, express their emotions and explore process and outcomes. If your child is looking for a creative, calm environment to build confidence and have fun, then the Watercolour Wonder Club is the club for them!


Readers' Theater

with Sylvetta Edwards for Year 2-3

It's all about READING!!! Do you want to learn how to read with expression? Do you want to increase your fluency? Do you want to improve your public speaking? Do you want to have fun while doing it all? Then this is the club for you. Readers' Theater club offers a FUN and INTERACTIVE way to practice reading without the need for props, costumes or a set. Furthermore, this will help improve listening skills as you silently follow along and listen for spoken cues. Come and join Readers' Theater to get extra practice in oral reading fluency and public speaking!

Fun Soccer

with Paul McCarthy for Y1-3

Join us on the new football pitch to learn new skills, learn the basics of teamplay and develop a passion for football.


Myths and Fables 

with Chelsea Yang for Reception to Y2  

"I believe that every child has more or less heard of many myths or fables from their grandparents or parents. It is a very good way to convey the culture and convention to the young generations, yet I believe there is a more interesting and meaningful way to do that through role play, in which children can better understand them by acting them out. 


Yoga and Movement

with Cindy Ali for Y1-2  

In this club, students will obtain enormous benefits from yoga and movement. Physically, it will enhance their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation will also improve as a result of the activities in this club. Through yoga, children learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way, manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement. Here is what your child can expect to learn in yoga and movement club: awareness of the breath, strengthening and energizing, balancing, stretching and lengthening, awareness and focus, flowing, connecting and integrating, meditation and relaxation. 


Eco Art

with Kyla Kin for Reception and Year 1

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” this club is to get your creative juices flowing while using recyclable materials in art pieces. We need to be more conscious of our waste in the world and what better way than to recycle by making art out of it? We will reduce the waste of materials and reuse it to create magnificent art pieces. The activities will encourage the development of fine motor skills, integrate sensory stimulation, and promote perspective taking. For example, creating lanterns using plastic bottles with beautiful decorations that can be used to light up the night.


Nature Treasure Hunt

with Cici Wang for Nursery and Reception

Would you like to go on a treasure hunt? Come and join us! In Nature Treasure Hunt club, we will have a chance to walk around our school and look for some treasures under the trees or in the grass. Once we collect enough treasures, we will work in the classroom and use what we've found to create a piece of art.


Growing Plants

with Jennie Zhang for Nursery and Reception

Children can learn new skills, have fun, play and develop self-confidence by spending time in garden tending plants and growing their own food. Most children enjoy being outdoors and love digging the soil, getting dirty, creating things and watching plants grow. So, during the Growing Plants club, we will meet at C105 first and go to the early years’ garden together. When we arrived there, I will introduce some basic steps of how to grow your own plants to them by pictures and videos. After that, we will share what we know and what we’ve learnt from them. I will also show them how to grow plants step by step. At last, we will start to design our garden and do some observations as well. 


Tools and Tiaras

with Bronwyn Jacobs for Nursery and Reception

Tools & Tiara's - Age-appropriate construction and mending activities that serve to break barriers. Teaching activities that help develop gross and fine motor skills. Students using their body parts to grow into themselves taking risks making more difficult crafts. fitting pipes together to make water flow in different directions (gross and fine motor skills). Sewing buttons onto cloth and cut a buttonhole to understand language of in and out, knots, thread, push and pull, threading beads to make a bracelet (Fine Motor Skills). Crawling through a large tube dragging soft foam blocks (gross motor skills), Filling buckets of water and making them balance (gross motor) using a level. Constructing structures using foam bricks and large Lego Blocks. Enhance social and emotional development while making friends with peers from other classrooms within Nursery.