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  • 국제 학교

    르만 국제 학교의 광활한 공간을 가진 캠퍼스는 청두 산기슭의 우거진 들판과 정원 속에 자리에 잡고 있습니다.

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  • LIS의 학생 생활

    학생들은 재능과 능력을 발견하고 새로운 관심사를 발견하여 평생 간직할 것입니다.


  • 경험 있고 재능 있는 팀

    우리가 훌륭한 국제학교로 성장하고 성공시킬 수 있었던 것은 경험 많고 재능 있는 전문가 팀으로 구성되어 있다는것이 가장 중요한 요소입니다.


  • 개인 성장

    르만에서 가장 중요하다고 생각하는 가치는 학생들의 학업과 개인적 성장이라고 믿습니다. 우리는 당신의 자녀가 평생 동안 성공할 수 있는 발판을 준비하기를 바랍니다.


  • 입학처에 오시는 것을 환영합니다

    르만 국제 학교(청두)는 중국 서남지역 최고의 국제학교로서 만3세 유아 에서 13학년까지 국제 교육을 제공해드리고 있습니다.


  • 학교뉴스

    우리 가족의 최신 소식을 알아보기


Chinese language is an important component of the curriculum at Léman International School. Chinese language classes are offered every day. 

Chinese is offered both as a mother tongue programme (Language A) and as a language acquisition programme (Language B)  from Nursery to Year 13. The Nursery and Reception Chinese course is Immersion Learning to non-native speakers.

The Chinese mother tongue programme uses local school textbooks from Year 2 to Year 9, and focuses on improving four skills though expanding vocabulary and structures,  improving reading and writing skills to the native-speaker level. The Year 7 to Year 11 mother tongue programme also follows the MYP Language and Literature curriculum to prepare students  for their DP Chinese learning. In the diploma programme, Language A students follow the Chinese Language and Literature course.

For language B students,  placement is based on evaluation and age. Chinese language is offered at three levels in primary school and Middle/High school: Beginner level, Intermediate level and Upper level.

Classes are small, interactive – and fun. In early grades, the focus is on learning basic words and simple sentences, and connecting sounds to characters. 

​Instructors use stories, songs, and games to teach listening, speaking and reading skills, and for the olderchildren, to read Chinese stories and write short paragraphs about different topics.

Instructors may read a story or an essay and ask the students to retell it or express their own opinions in short paragraphs.


Understanding Chinese at Every Level

In the Beginner level and Intermediate level, emphasis is given to words and phrases used in daily life, such as colour, food and family.

The main focus of this program is on listening, speaking and recognizing basic Chinese characters, reading and writing simple sentences based on basic and important grammars, and developing awareness and understanding of Chinese culture.

Through a focus on poems, fables, stories, and literature, Upper (or Native) level Chinese classes earn their comprehensive Chinese language skills. Students will also take a deep and broad scope of China and Chinese by studying Chinese literature and culture.

In our diploma classes,  students have the option of taking Chinese Language B Higher level, Standard level and Ab initio (from the beginning).