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15 December, 2014

21st Century CISAK

21st Century CISAK
21st Century CISAK

Dear Parents

As we approach the December holidays, I’d like to share a few highlights of Term 1 with you. Mr Jones asked the students in assembly last week what had stood out for them this term. They mentioned sports day, the trip to the desert, the visiting author, global classroom, numeracy day and the PTFA barbeque. All of these events were definitely highlights and the students have really benefitted from taking part in. As I stood watching the Qatari boys practising their sword dance with the help of Ms Azza, I took the chance to reflect on what I thought the highlight of Term 1 was. For me it is the students' resilience in their learning.

Resilience is a word that is used a lot at our school. I agree with the teachers that it is a word that can describe each and every student who walks through the gate each morning as they arrive ready to face the challenges of each new day as they learn new knowledge and skills that will equip them for their futures. In Middle School assembly this morning, Ms Lydie spoke about the importance of our students learning how to transfer the skills they have learned because, in this ever rapidly changing world, they need to be prepared and able to be flexible to adapt the skills they have learned to suit the situation they find themselves in.

I truly believe that our multi-cultural environment supports this learning need, and, as a result our students are more flexible, resilient and ready to adapt to whatever it is that a situation demands. I admire the way our students support each other and how, over this term, their friendship groups have grown and become stronger as they get to know each other better and become more interested in the different cultures that make up our school.  Mr Graves’ trip this term to Tanzania certainly piqued the children’s curiosity about the world around them even more, and as a result four Middle School students will visit the school Nord Anglia support. I know that every staff member would agree that it has been a privilege teaching your children this term, the PTFA barbeque was testament to the vibrant community we are all part of and that together we really are preparing our children to be able to take their place in a world of the future.

Best wishes


Sarah Graves, Vice Principal


Please follow the link below to watch a clip that encapsulates the progression of technology and preparing our students to be able to take their place in a world of the future.