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22 November, 2015

The Global Campus

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The Global Campus

As a Nord Anglia school, we are connected to a Global Campus of over 34,000 students in 42 schools across 15 countries.
 What does this mean for your child?

The Global Campus

As a Nord Anglia school, we are connected to a Global Campus of over 34,000 students in 42 schools across 15 countries.
 What does this mean for your child?

As we officially launch Nord Anglia’s Global Campus at NAISAK, all eyes turn to the amazing learning opportunities available to our students across Years 4 to 9 through this initiative.

For those new to the Global Campus (formally known as the Global Classroom), it is an online community where the 32,000 students from 42 Nord Anglia Education schools collaborate, discuss and learn together every day. The 'Global Campus' was introduced as part of our ever growing family of schools; a 'Global Classroom' was no longer big enough! The Global Campus aims to demonstrate, as a Nord Anglia school, the promises we can make to parents, as well as synthesise different domains of knowledge and skills that will contribute to the development of well-rounded learners. The Global Campus acts as a platform that allows students to connect, think and learn. 

The Global Campus website is constantly being updated with exciting new content, so please encourage your children to have a look around and get involved. 

Global Campus In School

All students from Year 4 through to Year 9 will be given opportunities to access Global Campus during school hours in a variety of ways. Those students in the Primary School will be given time during their weekly Guided Reading sessions to log in, explore and participate in the various activities available to them. Teachers will also incorporate Global Campus into their lessons, in order to support learning in the classroom. In the Secondary School, students will have the opportunity to access the Global Campus in subjects across the curriculum.

Additionally, all students from Year 4 to 9 will be entering this year's Creative Writing and Visual Arts competition. Teachers will be supporting the students in their Big Writing and Art lessons respectively. Alongside the opportunities students have to access the Global Campus during their lessons, students can take part in the Global Campus ECA, which takes place every Wednesday from 13:30 - 14:30. This term students attending the ECA are creating an inspirational video as part of the ‘Be Ambitious Challenge’. The 'Be Ambitious Challenge' is for groups of students from around the Nord Anglia Educational Family to make a piece of media that conveys the ‘Be Ambitious’ message. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all participating students across our global family the best of luck in this challenge; we look forward to seeing your hard work result in ambitious pieces of work. 

Global Campus Online

As well as at school, students are encouraged to access the Global Campus at home in their own time. In preparation of the Global Campus launch, all Primary students have been given a Global Campus passport to help support and guide them when online at home. Their passports contain a variety of activities to do on the Global Campus platform and by completing their activities, students are able to explore and take advantage of the site. Once a student has completed a task, their teacher will stamp their passports in acknowledgement of their achievement. The students can earn certificates for the amount of stamps they can collect.

The Global Campus doesn't just entail online tasks: with an array of activities, challenges and competitions, students in Primary and Secondary School have the opportunity to immerse themselves in opportunities, in groups or individually, to broaden their knowledge and skills in areas that interest them. Nord Anglia schools encourage all students to go beyond the ordinary, as there is no limit to what they can achieve. Students can choose subjects that they are passionate about, from the Arts, World Languages to Science and Maths, and everything in between. 

Events to look out for:

•      26 October – 6th November 2015: Global Mathematics Challenge

•      13 November 2015: Van Gogh Activities deadline

•      20 November 2015: World Language Challenge 1 deadline

•      11 December 2015: Be Ambitious Challenge 1 deadline

•      14 December 2015: Seize the Day Dance Challenge

•      December 2015: Healthy Eating Recipe Book

•      January 2016: Creative Writing and Visual Arts Competition deadline

•      March 2016: Tanzania Expedition

•      Coming Soon: New Technology Challenge

•      Coming Soon: The International Debate League

•      Coming Soon: The Global Challenge

We would like all students to take full advantage of these opportunities provided to them through the Global Campus. If your child has any questions, encourage him/her to communicate with his/her class teacher/form tutor. 

Global Campus Worldwide

The Global Campus goes even further than home and school. Through international expeditions, students can see the world and seize opportunities for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The Global Campus Worldwide holds annual events, including the Tanzania Expedition and the Global Orchestra. 

This year, NAISAK students in Year 8 and Year 9 will be, once again, jetting off to Tanzania. Alongside students from across our network of schools, our ambassadors will partake in service work that will have a genuine impact on local Tanzanians lives, with opportunities for leadership and team building skills development. If any students in Year 8 or 9 would like to join the Tanzania Expedition in March, there's still time to sign up. Please make sure to contact Ms Libby as soon as possible.

Our budding musicians will also have the opportunity to send off auditions for the Global Orchestra, with the possibility of earning a place on the prestigious expedition, and perform in New York. The Global Orchestra takes place at the end of the summer term, so more information about auditions at NAISAK will be sent out closer to the time. 

This year is going to be extremely exciting and full of incredible opportunities through the Global Campus. Encourage your child to seize these opportunities: as walt Disney once said, "all our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." The Global Campus not only allows students the opportunity to be ambitious, but it provides a platform to drive this ambition to success.