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26 November, 2017

Open Door Phonics Session

Open Door Phonics Session
Open Door Phonics Session

Foundation 2 had a great time on Monday with our ‘Open door Phonics’ session. It was lovely to see so many of our parents come in and join us. Mr Pontich came in to see what it was all about and he helped us with our song all about the letter ‘l’ with Jolly Phonics. The children were making lollypops and lions. We had word building activities as well as simple sentence reading and matching. Some of the children played crossing the phonic river and jumping on the phonic letter stepping stones. 

As you know, Phonics is a way of teaching children to read by breaking up words into small chunks of sounds. In Foundation 2, as children have learned individual letters they are now using them to blend and segment to read simple words, in fun and creative ways. To become successful readers, children are learning to recognise, read and use letter sounds to represent words in their emergent writing. They can then go on to read different books confidently and for enjoyment, as well as choose to write for different purposes.

Thank you to everyone that came along, we hope you enjoyed your time and learned more about how your child learns to read and begin to write. We will be holding another open door session next term!