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18 February, 2018

Sports Days

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Sports Days
Sports Days

Every second Tuesday of February each year is a dedicated day for sports for the whole of Qatar. Everyone is encouraged to participate in various sporting activities organised by the government and private companies for employees and their families. For the last 3 years we have calendared our school sports days to fall in the same week to celebrate the nation’s dedication to sport. Thankfully the sun shone down on us this year and all three sports days were able to take place.

The theme for this year was to have as many students active with mass participation. After trialing a few different approaches this was by far the best. Each stage were tasked with a variety of activities to test numerous physical skills as well as team work, resilience and staying power – especially in the heat. The PE team introduced a few new games into the upper primary and secondary sports day which received the thumbs up from students as well as the staff.


This is what the students thought…

Secondary School

Sports Day was an amazing day with lots to do. We did not get bored at all as we were involved in a lot of team-work for every game we played.

RamSagar Venkata Konagandla,  9A


Sports Day was colourful and fun. I enjoyed all the activities on that day.         

Majd Fuad Hamed Thaher,  9A


Sports Day was a spectacular event. Every year there is something new on Sports Day. The best part of Sports Day was the Tug-Of-War at the end.                 

Aaeima Nadeem, 9A


In my opinion, Sports Day should take place every month. It’s real fun when everyone gathers in one place and competes with each other. My favorite games were ‘Race the Red’ and ‘Capture the Flag’.

Sama Yasser Nouby,  9A


Sports Day this year was amazing and fun…more so because my team won the 1st Place. It was a bright and sunny day too and so was one of the best Sports Day ever.                   

Hugo Vargas Lopez,  9A


Sports day was extremely competitive and enjoyable. I had a great time cheering for my team mates. I enjoyed the tug of war the most, not only because it was fun, we also won! Sports day was also fun because it helps us stay fit, after about three hours of sports. Last but not least, the best part about sports day is the Murchison my house team won!

Evelyn Naibahl 8A


I had fun on sports day. I like that every year group went against another f the same year. The game I enjoyed the most was race to the red. We were lucky that the weather was good. Everyone participated in all the games and had so much fun.

Mayasa Al Ansari 8A


I really enjoyed the Sports Day. It was a lot of fun participating in all of the games. The games that I liked the most was capture the flag. The weather was amazing too.

Dana Moalem 8A


My experience on Sports Day was a blast even though Hoba lost! I had a good time with my team mates and learnt that we need to cooperate and not pressure each other if we want to succeed. My favourite game was rainbow rounders even though it is complicated. It taught me about communication skills.

Siti Mutia Zahra 7A


I enjoyed Sports Day because Esquel came in second place and I took part in all the games. My favourite game was Capture the Flag.

Aditya Prasetyo 7A


My favourite game was Dodgeball because I love throwing the balls at people!

Noof Al Hail 7A


Sports Day was amazing because it was my birthday and I got to take part in every activity. Murchison won and that was the best birthday present!

Aria Diputra 7A


On Monday, we had our School Sports Day in our 4 house teams. There were 5 games (Danish Longball, Rainbow Rounders, Capture the Flag, Battleball and Race to the Red). I competed in all 5 of them, but my favourite was Capture the Flag because I like dodging and being sneaky. All of us had a great time because of all of the fun games. At the end we did a tug of war which was hard but lots of fun.  

Syeda Rizvi 6A


On Monday, Year 6 took part in Sports Day. We went to the Al Khor Sports Club on Karwa busses. We had a choice to pick the games we wanted to play from a list to make up teams.  We took part in lots of different activities. We had fun because there were so many games to play. The games we enjoyed the most were ‘Capture the Flag’ and ‘Tug of War’.  In Capture the Flag, we had to steal the flags from the other team. The flags were kept behind their defenders. It was a great opportunity to meet with the other classes and compete against them. We showed good teamwork, respect and honesty.

In Tug of War, we competed against the other houses to pull the rope to our side. We enjoyed this because everyone was cheering loudly for his or her team, many people took part and it was very competitive. It was exciting because we didn’t know which house would win when they announced the scores. We really enjoyed taking part.

Class 6I


On Monday, we had Sports Day in Al Khor Sports Club. My team is Murchison. My favourite thing about Sports Day was that we had so much fun. If we could do Sports Day again, I would change my water bottle because when we were playing a game, we played until we ran out of breath! We played lots of different games, they were called capture the flag, rainbow rounders, tug of war and battle ball. Overall, I think Sports Day was the best day of my life because I got to spend the whole day playing with my friends.

Rebeca Valentina 5I


Foundation 2 and Year 1

I really liked Sports Day because we got to pull a long rope. I liked the tug of war because Esquel is stronger than Murchinson

Taha 1S


I liked Sports Day because I ran so fast

Layla 1S


I like Sports Day running

Hala F2I


I like pulling the rope

Samuel F2I


Year 2 to Year 4 Sports Day

This year’s Sports Day was the best yet! All children were engaged throughout and had the opportunity to partake in every activity, multiple times. The activities were fun, different and most importantly, raised the heart rate of all children to maximise their exercise on this day. The children were enthused by the competition of aiming to win points for their house and they all put in their best effort because of this. It was a great day enjoyed by students and staff alike

Mrs Burgess Year 2 Teacher


It was really nice to see every student involved in all activities throughout the entirety of the school day and even some of the adults got involved too! I hope my standing jump of 81cm is a new NAISAK record!

Mr Burgess Year 3 Teacher


You can do lots of activities throughout the day that are happening at the same time.

Retag 4S


I liked being in mixed groups because we can join in and see what is going on.

Luv 4S


I liked the basketball shooting game because the scores kept changing.

Omar 4S


I liked the river crossing game because it is fun when you work as a team.

Zara 4S


I loved the variety of activities that took place on Sports Day. It was great to see all the children joining in, having fun and working in teams.

Ms Hannah Year 4 Teacher