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27 May, 2018

Foundation Stage - May 2018

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Foundation Stage
Foundation Stage

Splish, Splash, Sessions

The Benefits of Water Play – it’s great fun to play in the water, whether the pool or ocean. There are so many different ways it benefits children.

Water sessions help to build and develop strength and improve balance. Young learners have fun, splashing around in the water and it’s a great playground for sensory exploration, clapping, jumping and just simply moving around whilst they are gliding and pushing from the side of the pool. Water adds resistance enabling children to develop strength as they play and move around in the water. Their muscles develop more in the water, as they explore and experiment.

Water play, when including swimming also improves coordination. Kicking in the water can be great fun, especially when it involves splashing adults! Kicking helps not just core muscles but balance and coordination, as children have to balance their body whilst not being on a firm surface. Throwing and moving in water develops coordination.

Water play can often serve as a confidence booster for kids! It allows them to explore and interact. Children are all unique and individual and will shine in different situations when presented with different opportunities. They will often be excited and eager to share and communicate, their discoveries with others. Most importantly, always remember to never let children play in or near water unsupervised.