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28 October, 2019

Principal's Message - 28th October 2019

Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to school! I hope that you all had a wonderful break with your families over half term. The students certainly looked well-rested when they came into school this morning, although I am sure they are already feeling like another holiday would be nice!

Although your children only started back today, the staff were very busy at school yesterday. You may wonder exactly what teachers get up to on these ‘training days’. Well yesterday, the EYFS and Primary teachers were focusing on mathematics. You can read more about this in Ms Rebecca Kirkby’s article below. Mathematics is such an important subject that it was well worth a whole day spent on improving our skill set. Recently, a parent mentioned to me that in previous years, ‘Numeracy Days’ had been held here at NAISAK for students and their parents. We shall certainly look to put that back on the calendar this year; expect to hear from us soon so you can save the day. Children love having their parents come into school to work alongside them and you will probably learn a thing or two yourself about maths, as we all did yesterday. Please note also, that we will be providing Parent Workshops on mathematics in the near future as mentioned below.

Meanwhile, our Secondary teachers were busy all day reviewing the curriculum for students in Years 7-9. It is vitally important that our curriculum matches the needs of our students so that our pupils can make the best possible progress and attainment in each subject area. Reviewing the curriculum is hard work, but there is no point teaching irrelevant material that is too easy or too hard for our children. Our revised curriculum will better support and challenge our middle years students to reach their full academic potential.

Here at NAISAK, we are looking forward to the new half term, especially now the cooler weather is here and we are all enjoying some outside time each day. Have a lovely week.

Liz Lamb