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26 February, 2023

Folk Music Day

Folk Music Day

Music is often seen as an integral part of our self-identity, and this continues into later life. Music is closely linked with personal memories and some of our students were fortunate to perform with other musicians at the Themaid Campus.

We practiced 4 songs over the last 2 weeks on different tuned percussion instruments and the day was ended with a concert for parents and students from school.

This is what 2 of our students thought about the day:

Mehron Taylor - 7DRA:

It was a once in a lifetime experience and performing the songs help me to improve my confidence. It was nice to expand my socialization to others in the other schools. I would like to continue with the flow of a band and get more involved with music life in school.

Karthikeya Batlanki - 7NOK:

Music is the only subject without borders. Music exists everywhere. It keeps us alive and wholesome. I love it a lot. It’s a flow of energy. I find solace in it.

We had really enjoyed the participation thoroughly. It was very well organized, conducted and constructed systematically. All the children had lots of fun and we experienced the real thrill by exploring the Musical World.

Hi all, I’m Karthikeya and I’m a proud student of Ms. Laur