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Daniel Givens

dan givens

PE Teacher

Mr Givens graduated from the University College St. Mark and St. John in Plymouth, UK with a Bachelor of Education Degree in Physical Education. 

In 2001 I graduated from the University College St. Mark and St. John in Plymouth, UK with a Bachelor of Education Degree in Physical Education. 

My first position was as Head of P.E. at Bishop Lovett School on the on the Isle of Wight, UK. I spent 10 years at the school, developing the Physical Education Programme within my school and the local community.  In 2005 I became the School Sports Coordinator (SSCo) where I raised the level of PE in Primary Schools by training teachers, leading lessons and developing a PE curriculum to suit the needs for all Primary Schools in my ‘family of schools’. 

In 2011 I moved to Shanghai, where I spent 4 years at the Singapore School as a PE Teacher for 2 years and became Head of PE in 2013. In 2015 I took the opportunity to lead and implement IGCSE PE into a Chinese International School. This was a difficult task as the students had not previously studied PE and had not experienced a wide range of sports. It was a great achievement to have a cohort of students sit the CIE IGCSE PE Exam in 2017, with many of them predicted A*. 

My teaching journey has now brought me to BIS Abu Dhabi, after seeing my family work and study at a Nord Anglia school in Shanghai. I loved the commitment I saw from the PE teachers who taught my children and I knew I would fit into a Nord Anglia School. BIS Abu Dhabi has such a good reputation among other international teachers for its caring and ambitious learning environment and is why I strived to be a part of this family!

I have been fortunate enough to play many different sports and be a part of many different sporting teams and environments. These experiences have demonstrated to me the importance of being part of a team, respecting others, being committed, never giving up and always looking to improve. These values transfer directly into my teaching and family life. 

I have over 16 years teaching experience, and I still feel I am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to teach PE. Seeing students improve on a daily basis is a motivating factor at whatever level they are working at.  Many of my hobbies focus around sport; whether it is playing football, cycling or weight training- however, I am keen to attempt any new activities! Away from sport I enjoy digital photography (landscapes and wildlife), travelling and cooking (but wouldn’t class myself as a good cook!).