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School Clinic & Health Policy

The following information outlines some of the important policies governing the clinic and nursing care function of the School Clinic. The primary roles undertaken by the School Clinic are as follows:

  • Provide first aid or emergency care to sick or injured students.
  • Assess students, to detect early signs and symptoms of health problems, which will affect learning.
  • Monitor and maintain growth and development of students.
  • Administer nursing care appropriate to the identified nursing needs of the students.
  • Plan, implement and evaluate health education programme for students.
  • Plan, implement and evaluate vaccination programmes for all students in the School, under the supervision of SEHA.
  • Maintain and submit required records and reports as per Department of Health guidelines.
Policy on Accident and Emergencies
  • The School Nurse or school personnel shall notify the parents or guardians in the event of accidents and/or cases of emergencies. Please make sure that all contact details are updated with the school so that we can contact you in an emergency.
  • The School Nurse shall ensure that the parents or guardians have authorized the administration of emergency medical treatment for the sick or injured students, prior to transferring them to the emergency care facility.
Policy on Medication
  • Medication brought in from home, will not be administered without a written prescription from the doctor and a completed Consent for Prescription Medication form. This includes all over the counter medication such as Paracetamol.
  • All medications shall be stored in their original pharmacy or manufacturer labelled containers, and in such manner as to render them safe and effective.
  • A parent or guardian must deliver the prescription medications to the School Nurse. Please do not leave any medications with the class teacher or place them in your child’s bag.
  • The student shall only take medication under the supervision of the School Nurse.
Policy on Illness/Sickness
  • Should your child become sick at school or require home or doctor care, the School Nurse will assess and contact the parent directly and provide guidance on health care needs. Please collect your child as promptly as possible (i.e. within one hour). It is important that parents collect sick children directly from the School Clinic in person so that important information regarding their care can be explained by the School Nurse.
  • It is school policy that students who have a fever measuring 37.5 and above, are vomiting or diagnosed as clinically unwell by our school nursing team will not, under any circumstances be permitted to travel home by school bus. They are required to be collected by a parent or guardian. This policy must be adhered to under all circumstances.
  • BIS Abu Dhabi policy also states that students are to remain at home for 24 hours post discharge from school with a fever of 37.5 or higher. To return to school, your child must remain fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications, i.e. Paracetamol or Brufen.
  • In addition, BIS Abu Dhabi policy states that students are to remain at home for 48 hours from last episode of diarrhea or vomiting. A doctor’s note stating it is safe for your child to return to school must be provided if your child is to return any earlier. 
  • If your child is suspected or has a confirmed diagnosis of an infectious illness (i.e. influenza, measles, mumps, chicken pox, meningitis, scarlet fever, etc.) please contact the School Nurses directly as soon as possible and provide a medical report. The School Nurses are then able to alert the school community, if appropriate, and instigate measures as mandated by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi.
  • Please notify the School Nurses directly and forward a copy of the doctor’s discharging report which provides diagnosis and care needs in the event your child has a broken bone and/or reduced mobility. The nurses can then provide support and care as appropriate. Identifying children with reduced mobility is important during times of emergency (i.e. fire drills) and all students with limited mobility must have a PEEP form in place. School wheelchairs are for emergency use only and parents are advised to provide their own wheelchairs/walking sticks/crutches as needed.
Policy on Immunisation
  • Scheduled vaccination programs will take place for students in Year 1, Year 8 (females only) and Year 11 in line with SEHA guidelines. Consent forms will be distributed for those wishing to partake. This will be provided free of charge to all students in these year groups.
  • Parents are required to submit applicable vaccination documents to the School Nurse for recording purposes. Vaccination records must be in English or officially translated into English.
  • The School Nurse shall maintain the cumulative School Health Records on all enrolled students and enforce DoH regulations and guidelines pertaining to vaccinations.
Policy on Referral to Health Care Provider
  • For students who require further medical interventions, the School Nurse will provide a referral notification document to the parent.
Confidentiality Policy
  • Information in the student’s School Health Record will not be released to third parties, except with written permission from the parents or guardians, or a directive from DoH or other ministries.
Forms and Declarations

The following forms/documents/declarations are required to be submitted to the School Clinic, through the Admissions Office, prior to the child’s commencement at BIS Abu Dhabi.

  • Annual Student Medical Trip Clearance Form 
    • Personal Information
    • Vaccination Details (includes a photocopy of your child’s current immunisation record in English)
    • School Health Screening Consent
    • Child’s Medical History
    • Consent for the Administration of Medications and Emergency Treatment
  • If your child requires regular medication a Consent for Prescription Medication during the School Day or Related School Activities form must be completed, signed and stamped by Licensed Physician and parent or guardian
  • If your child has a chronic medical condition (i.e. Asthma, Diabetes, Emergency Allergy/Anaphylaxis or Seizures) a Completed Individual Care Plan must be completed
Communications and Updates from the School Clinic

As and when it is appropriate, parents or guardians may receive the following notification from the School Nurse:

  • Notification of Head Lice
  • Notification of Communicable Diseases
  • Vaccination information
  • Other general illness or injury notifications
Forms and Policies