Our school calendar at The British College of Brazil runs from August to July with two major holidays from December to January and July to August. We also have a holiday week each semester so students can relax and recharge, becoming ready to complete each semester at their fullest ability.
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Here are the most important upcoming dates for your calendar in the school year.

There are some important dates and events on weekends, such as the International Day, Festa Junina, and Christmas Faire.

Please see the calendar download link below for a printable copy of important dates.

The last day of each period ends at lunchtime.

Quarta-feira 09 ago para sexta-feira 11 ago 2023
Segunda-feira 14 ago 2023 00:00AM - 00:00AM
Quinta-feira 07 set para sexta-feira 08 set 2023
Segunda-feira 09 out para sexta-feira 13 out 2023
Quinta-feira 02 nov para sexta-feira 03 nov 2023
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School Calendar 2023-2024.pdf (183 KB)

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