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    Your child will receive a premium education from an established school now located in a state-of-the-art campus.

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  • Personalised & Caring

    We are committed to the development of each child’s mind, human relationships and place within their community and the wider world.

  • Passionate

    "As many families feel upon their first visit to La Côte International School, I knew this was the school for me!" Nicole Schmidt

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  • High Expectations & High Standards

    Our student-centred approach to learning ensures that every child can become a High Performer.

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    We accept enrolments year-round and look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Excellence & Achievement

    Our unique approach and outstanding team of professional educators ensures every child can succeed.

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    We welcome questions and conversations about your child’s needs and interests. Please get in touch.

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What our Parents Say

We believe parents play an invaluable role in helping to shape their child's education, and in inspiring a school to offer the best possible environment for learning.

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Our school is a community within a community. We believe that everyone, from the staff to the parents and the students themselves, has a role to play in building an exceptional school and developing successful children.

We are dedicated to providing a quality, personalised education to all of our students. To do this, we draw on the talents and strengths of everyone who can have a positive impact. Parents are regularly informed of the progress of their child, and can offer feedback and advice on how the school could be improved.

Every year, we conduct a survey, in order to find out how our parents feel about our school. Our 2015 results are a validation of our hard work, and emphasise how parents of current students feel about the choice they have made for their child:

  • 96% of parents would recommend the school
  • 95% of parents strongly agree or agree that their child is happy at the school
  • 95% of parents strongly agree or agree that their child is developing confidence and independence
  • 98% of parents strongly agree or agree that the school provides a good learning environment for their child
  • 95% of parents strongly agree or agree that their child is developing as a global citizen

Here is a selection of comments from parents:

  • It's fair to say that my husband and I have very high expectations when it comes to the provision of care and education for our children.Our experience thus far at LCIS has exceeded our expectations on so many counts. Our son has developed a very special relationship with his teachers which is reflective of the incredible care and affection they have shown him."
  • Thank you for being such a truly wonderful team. You have made our move to Switzerland such a positive one and your contribution to our happiness is immeasurable. 

  • “The school has high standards, a great caring atmosphere and my child loves coming to school.”

  • “My child is thriving, happy and enjoys learning. I see progress in her abilities and both she and I are happy with La Côte International School.”
  • "We are absolutely delighted with our daughter's progress. It is clearly evident that you have re-ignited her passion and her enthusiasm for learning across all subjects. "

  • “As this was the first time our child was attending formal education we were nervous and not sure what to expect but we were instantly put at ease by the level of care that our child received from not only his teachers but all of the school employees he came into contact with. Such a wonderful school with wonderful people who excel at their jobs.”

  • “Our children feel welcome, cherished and supported by all the staff at La Côte International. They just switched to an English speaking school and are doing surprisingly very well. I think that this is due to the fact that teachers show interest in the children and support them in their learning process.”

  • “Teachers are resourceful and creative in finding the most amazing ways to develop our children’s curiosity and they really make learning a fun activity for kids to pursue. I have visited many schools in the area and I have yet to see the quality of teachers like the ones in Foundation years at La Côte.”

  • "My child’s confidence and social skills have improved tremendously and the teachers do a superb job in transmitting to the kid’s good principles and values without doing it in a strict way. This way, the kids adopt the good behaviour and strong moral values.”

How our parents get involved

Parents of our students can become active members of the Parent Association and participate in planning meetings, coffee mornings and social events such as walking groups, charity events, skiing and snowshoeing trips. All Parent Association activities are organised by parents for parents. In addition parents may decide to get more involved in their child's class by becoming a Class Representative. In this nominated role, they work closely with the class teacher to support in class activities and to lead fundraising endeavours.

La Côte International School has an elected Parent Council, which represents parents as an advisory group to the school leadership team. As our 'Student Council' allows and encourages the students' voices to be heard, the Parent Council has been established in a similar way.

Finally, through our extra-curricular programme, parents are invited to join courses designed specifically for our adult community. For example, classes on offer may include exercise, yoga or language classes.

These groups and their associated roles and activities help to establish a firm relationship between the school and parents. 

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