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Find our most useful information and resources for parents to support your child's success at school.

Key Downloads

Whether you are looking for information on your child's school day, our uniform guidelines, or want to check our Term Dates, you will find everything you need to know in our Downloads here. 
Please find here a Term Date overview, as well as more detailed school calendars. 
Parent Handbook
Our parent handbook contains all the information about your child's school day. 
Download our uniform guides here. Back-to-school items are included.


Every parent wants to support their child's learning. That's why we created the Parent Academy. We regularly host on-site parent workshops to help our parents engage in their child's learning. Virtual presentations complement our offer. Stay informed on our upcoming sessions and take an active role in your child's academic growth.
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LCIS uses a range of technologies to enhance learning. Through carefully selected online platforms, parents can be fully involved in their children’s education.

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Extracurricular Activities
To register your child for our extracurricular activities, as well as for our after-school-care, please log in to our SchoolsBuddy platform. Parents who are new to the school will need to create a login. In SchoolsBuddy, parents can find information about all the activities on offer.
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Early Years
Tapestry is a secure, easy-to-use online learning journal, where staff and families celebrate our Early Years students’ learning and achievements. Tapestry supports parents as they engage with their children’s education, and links to observations and assessments of students are shared with their parents on a regular basis.
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We use the web-based app platform Seesaw to create regular digital portfolios of our Primary students’ learning. We share these with parents, who can leave journal entries of constructive feedback about their child’s learning and development. The announcement feature enables teachers to share reminders of class events and the year group’s weekly newsletter, which summarises what the children have learned and what’s on the agenda for next week.
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Our Secondary students use ManageBac to support their curriculum mapping: assignment setting, homework, and assessments, and tracking and reporting their progress. This unified system ensures a consistent platform, as well as a seamless and integrated experience for teachers, students, and parents to manage every aspect of the curriculum.


At LCIS, we believe that extra-curricular activities (ECAs) play a crucial role in providing a well-rounded education for our students. Our exciting and diverse ECA programme for students in Year 1 to DP2 is designed to complement the core curriculum and offers a fun and challenging experience for your child. Furthermore, we offer after-school care from 15:05 to 18:15 for students from Foundation 1 to Year 6. Sign up through SchoolsBuddy to take advantage of these opportunities. 
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On-site music TUTORING


In addition to music provision in class, we offer a range of private lessons for students who wish to learn an instrument or improve their skills. See our guide to external music teachers for information on how to contact the relevant teacher and arrange private lessons.
Download our guide here

Other Downloads

Please find other useful downloads here. 
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Pastoral Handbook
Emotional well-being is at the heart of our commitment to ensuring that our students can flourish at school. 
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Primary Curriculum Handbook
Please find our Primary Curriculum Guides for download here. 
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Lower Secondary Curriculum Handbook

Lower Secondary students (Years 7-9) follow a curriculum programme that ideally prepares them for IGCSE and the IB Diploma Programme

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IGCSE Curriculum Guide
In Years 10 and 11, our students study for their IGCSEs, the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds.
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IBDP Curriculum Guide
In Year 12 and 13, our students study the challenging and rigorous IB Diploma Programme, which is considered the gold standard in education.

KEY DATES:  2023-24

Here are the most important dates for your diary in the upcoming school year.
Term 1 23/24 - Classes begin
Monday 21 Aug 2023 to Monday 22 Aug 2022
Term 1 23/24 - Jeûne Fédéral 2023 - School closed
Monday 21 Aug 2023
Term 1 23/24 - October holiday
Monday 16 Oct to Friday 27 Oct 2023
Term 1 23/24 - Winter holiday
Monday 18 Dec 2023 to Monday 08 Jan 2024


When you join LCIS, you become part of a vibrant international community of more than 40 nationalities! Our parents play a supportive, proactive role in our school, making it a warm, inclusive place where everyone is welcome. Our fantastic Parent Teacher Association (PTA) organises regular social events to promote cultural awareness and communication and help build a strong network of families. Find out what's on here.



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Fresh Food Cooked on site


Our school menu is delicious, nutritious, and caters to everyone’s tastes and dietary needs. Meals are cooked fresh onsite every day,  led by our internationally experienced resident Head Chef Robert and his great team. We teach students the importance of food hygiene, healthy eating, and exercising as part of a balanced lifestyle. 
See our weekly menu


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Your child can join LCIS at anytime during the academic year. We look forward to welcoming you!

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