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    We just launched our very first BISB cookbook made by our wonderful PTA.


Climbing to Success

In Bratislava, we are lucky to have access to some fantastic indoor climbing walls, at Vertigo and K2.  Once climbing skills are mastered, there are also plenty of opportunities to climb outdoors, at places like Pajštún.  But why should we encourage our children to learn to climb?   

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At the British International School Bratislava, we believe there is more to climbing than meets the eye.  The skills children learn in rock climbing help them to climb their way to success in school and life.  Climbing teaches….

  1. Responsibility: children have to learn how to take responsibility for their own safety. They must carefully follow instructions and double check their own equipment before every climb. They learn to consider their own safety and the safety of others in different situations.
  2. Problem solving: children have to mentally plan a route up the wall and then adjust that plan if they get stuck. This requires quick, flexible, creative thinking which are essential skills needed to successful in a rapidly changing global workforce.
  3. Motor skills: There are few sports that use such a variety of motor skills. Children develop hand and finger strength (great for handwriting). They gain physical strength in their arms, legs and their core muscles. They learn bilateral coordination – where they have to use both sides of their body together. This helps create neural pathways across the midline of the brain.
  4. Resilience: Children learn to challenge themselves, set their own personal goals and endure when they are struggling. They realise that they are supported by their belayer so it is safe to fall or make mistakes and try again. They also have a group of friends cheering them on. Resilience is a greater determinate of success in life than a person’s innate ability.
  5. Confidence: When a child succeeds at a challenge they have set for themselves they gain confidence in their ability. They are more likely to take risks in learning in other areas. 

Climbing helps children grow physically, emotionally and socially.

Children from Years 3-6 at BISB have all been climbing this month.  It was delightful to see the children have so much fun while challenging themselves they worked well together and thrived on the chance to get to know each other outside of the classroom. 

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