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The Enormous turnip

Last week children from Reception had fun acting out the story The Enormous Turnip. There were some important messages that the children learnt from this story. Firstly,  Team work: - It took a whole team of ‘pullers’ to get that turnip out of the ground proving that it is easier to do difficult jobs when you do them as a team.  

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Then, Real and make-believe: Would a cat, a dog, and a mouse really be able to help pull a turnip out of the ground? Would a turnip really grow that big? There were lots of logical thinking and discussion about these questions. After that, -Unexpected surprises: The farmer planted his seed and hoped to grow a good turnip in his garden. Much to his surprise, it was enormous! We tried to remember and talk about our own real-life experiences, when something unexpected happened to us. Last, but not least, Little people can do a big things! Notice the last one to join the ‘pulling team’ was a mouse. No matter how small you are, you can contribute to bigger things.  

Children were developing their speaking skills by narrating the story in their own words, taking part in group activities and role-play. 

After acting out and sharing the story, we planted actual turnip seeds. What a lot of learning took place from this incredible story!


Daniela Kollarova
Forest school leader

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