Urgent: School Starts: Monday, 4th September 2017

The Welcome Day for New Students: Thursday, 31st August 2017
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    We just opened new Early Years Centre adjacent to the main school building at Peknikova.


  • Truly International

    We have students from over 50 different countries at our school, making us a truly international family.

    Primary children

  • Inspiring and Passionate

    Dedicated, motivated and highly professional, all of our staff at The British International School Bratislava are here to ensure that every child thrives.

    Teacher with children

  • Excellence & Achievement

    We focus heavily on academic rigor and achieving great results, but also encourage our students to develop their own individual skills and interests meaning that every child thrives.

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  • High Quality Learning

    Our passion is education. We help to prepare young people of all ages to embrace the challenges that life brings and the international global society in which their future lie.


  • Start your journey with us

    We are proud of our growing family of parents, teachers and socially-confident students. We’d love to welcome you too!

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  • Unique Opportunities

    We enrich your child’s learning experience with opportunities beyond the ordinary.

    science lab


Our top students were awarded 44 points out of 45 points placing them in the top 1 % of students in the world. 

  • IDP results

"In the future I aspire to pursue a career in international law, after completing my studies in this field as well. My interests in current affairs and their dealings deeply stems from the 13 years I have spent at BISB, as the multi-cultural environment and education made me more aware of international issues and their contexts. For example, when we were learning about the Arab-Israeli conflict in History class, our teachers had made it possible for us to actually meet the Ambassadors of Israel and Palestine with whom we got to discuss the conflict in depth. Such fantastic opportunities and many more were constantly at our finger-tips, which ultimately provided me with an amazing foundation of knowledge and reasoning skills and makes me confident in my own ambitions. I have loved my time at BISB and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a more unique education and is serious about their studies. "

Sakshi Rai, BISB alumna - class of 2016

"My dream for the future is to be involved with the development of modern cities. The international mindedness of the IB Diploma and the multicultural environment that BISB provides made me realise the role that culture plays in the way we shape the planet as well as our own futures and opened me to a world of different perspectives. Going to study Civil Engineering in university will be my first step to realising this dream. Since I will be in London, I will have an advancing city right outside my University. Engineering is a very broad and dynamic ever changing disciple. I am looking forward to gaining knowledge about the workings of various aspects of urban environments and being able to apply academic skills to solving problems surrounding them."

Lucy Mao, BISB alumna - class of 2016

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