We just opened new Early Years Centre adjacent to the main school building at Peknikova.


  • Truly International

    We have students from over 50 different countries at our school, making us a truly international family.

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  • Inspiring and Passionate

    Dedicated, motivated and highly professional, all of our staff at The British International School Bratislava are here to ensure that every child thrives.

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  • Excellence & Achievement

    We focus heavily on academic rigor and achieving great results, but also encourage our students to develop their own individual skills and interests meaning that every child thrives.

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  • High Quality Learning

    Our passion is education. We help to prepare young people of all ages to embrace the challenges that life brings and the international global society in which their future lie.


  • Start your journey with us

    We are proud of our growing family of parents, teachers and socially-confident students. We’d love to welcome you too!

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  • Unique Opportunities

    We enrich your child’s learning experience with opportunities beyond the ordinary.

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Living Here

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"Life in Slovakia is really nice, not the same as in America, but I am enjoying it here very much. What I like about Slovakia is that the capital Bratislava is a small, cute and fun city. Also that Slovakia has a really good ice hockey team. The culture is really beautiful also, and they have many fantastic shopping malls."

Marie Smekens, Year 8 student 

"It was really hard to move from my country to Bratislava... I come from Serbia, and everything there is different. But no matter that I see the difference, I still feel nice and I just have an amazing feeling when I think where am I actually, in an amazing school, with amazing friends, it's just a very nice feeling ..."

Barbara Medenica, Year 9 student

"When I first was told I was moving to Slovakia, I thought said, 'Where is Slovakia?' This is not because I lack geographical skills, it’s because of the little to no information is presented about the small Eastern European country. Yet when I visited Bratislava I was open minded, which gave me the chance to think objectively and fully take in what the city has to offer.

Furthermore, I’ve found the total culture change has opened my eyes to a different world outside the UK. I have travelled a little bit however moving to a new country have given me a much larger experience than all of my holidays put together. The fact that Bratislava is a central hub where one can visit other interesting cites such as Vienna, Prague and Budapest and again a real taste of Eastern European life and their culture.

I found adapting to the life in Bratislava a little difficult to start with as the language was nothing I had ever encountered before. However after a couple of months I picked up a little bit to help me when ordering food and drinks, limited vocab, but it helped me settle and to some extent feel integrated into society. In addition making friends in the school allowed me to go out (which I didn’t do very often in the UK) and this gave me the opportunity so see the different aspects of Bratislava.

While I was in the UK I played rugby competitively and one of my fears of moving to Slovakia was that I wouldn’t be able to play. But, luckily I found Slovan Bratislava which is a senior team that plays in a semi competitive Czech League. This helped me make more friends and again from different backgrounds and nationalities. This made me moving to Slovakia that little bit easier as there were people in the team that were in the same situation as me at one point or another. Therefore they made me feel right at home and helped me on the linguistical aspects as well as the moral support.

Overall I think the move to Slovakia has been successful and for the future a lot better for me. I would like to thank the school in particular for allowing me to come out of my shell and be more active in the community and not be as shy." 

Connah Suttle Jones, IB 1 student



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