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Yearbook Pictures

From October 9 to 23, We will be taking pictures for the yearbook for students. Please make sure students are in full uniform and in good condition, as well as well groomed.


Elementary School: new or previous polo shirt and shorts or skirt.

6th  to 8th grades:

•  San Roberto trousers in the uniform (no shorts or skirts), uniform polo shirt (new or traditional version - no dry fit) and white tennis shoes.

• Men should meet short hair expectations in accordance with school rules.

• Girls should be well-groomed and wear blue / white / black accessories. They should not wear makeup.

9th grade:

As this is the last year for the ninth generation in San Roberto, students can wear free clothing according to the following guidelines:

• The shirts and / or blouses that they wear should not bring messages - (suggestions: solid color shirts, blouses, with stripes).

• It is not allowed to wear suspender blouses, sleeves and / or pronounced necklines.

• Jeans (not torn, in good condition), no leggings (is individual photo)

• Tennis ONLY

• It is important that boys wear short hair according to school expectations and come shaved as needed.

• Girls cannot wear makeup and should bring their hair well-groomed from home.

You can find the schedules in the following link.