07 March, 2024

Juilliard Dance Specialist Visit

Juilliard Dance Specialist Visit - Juilliard
with Ashley Newman (Juilliard Dance Curriculum Specialist)

Juilliard Dance Specialist Visit

Recently, San Roberto International School (ISR) was thrilled to host Ashley Newman, our distinguished Dance Specialist from Juilliard, across our San Agustin and Valle Alto Campuses. During her visit, Ashley engaged with all 6th grade San Agustin students in a special experience as well as our dance students from both campuses in a series of enriching lessons, meticulously honing their technique while simultaneously encouraging them to delve into the realms of creative thinking and reflective practice through dance. Her sessions were not confined to students alone; Ashley also led professional development training for our dance teachers, enhancing their pedagogical skills and enriching our curriculum with the latest in dance education.

A highlight of her visit was an exclusive session for ISR parents, offering them a firsthand experience of a Juilliard Dance Lesson. This immersive experience, aligned to what our students regularly enjoy, underscored the depth and quality of dance education at ISR, bridging the gap between parents and the school's artistic practices.

Ashley Newman's visit exemplifies the unique and engaging learning environment fostered through ISR's collaboration with Juilliard. This partnership not only elevates our students' artistic capabilities but also instills in them a broader spectrum of life skills and thinking paradigms. By integrating Juilliard's world-class methodologies into our curriculum, we are not just teaching dance; we are preparing our students for life, encouraging them to shine in every aspect and to carry forward the lessons learned on the dance floor into their everyday lives and future endeavors.