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Week Beginning 1 May 2017

Enjoy the holiday on Monday and we look forward to seeing the children back in school on Tuesday after the long weekend.


  • Could you please ensure your child brings a hat to school each day. Outdoor play is an essential part of our children’s day and we need to ensure they are protected from the sun. If you would like sun cream on your child please put it on them before they come to school on a morning.
  • We encourage the children to wear their Cubs t-shirt to school every day.  This will help to prepare them for wearing the school uniform in Reception next year. Thank you.
  • Sport’s Day: Monday 8 May – Nursery and Reception (9.00am-11.00am) at Secondary sports hall. Children should come to school in jogging bottoms or shorts, Cubs T-shirt and trainers ready to get sporty. All children should come to school with sun cream on already and bring a water bottle, light healthy snacks and a sun hat.
  • Early Years transition workshop: Tuesday 23 May from 8.45 – 9:30 in Stage One.  We will discuss ways we support the children in school as they move on to a new class and how you can help at home.
  • Book Fair: On the ground floor of the Primary school from Thursday 4 May to Saturday 6 May. Blue Fountain Books and Star Kids will be selling a large variety of books for children from Early Years through to KS4. They are bringing a selection of books for parents too! To help your child make suitable choices we will open the Fair up at scheduled times during the school day for parents to choose books with their children:

Thursday and Friday               8:00-10:30am and 3:30-4:30pm

Saturday                                       8:00-12:00pm


It has been a magical week of singing and dancing on the stage. The Fox and Panther cubs have sung their hearts out and made excellent members of the audience. But what else can we perform? Next week we will be thinking about what else can happen on the stage. Have you been to a show? What happened? We hope to see the children retelling stories, thinking about the costumes they need and props they can use in their performance. So far we have had some excellent ideas about dinosaurs and penguins and after our trip to the library, found some excellent stories to retell. Ms Hollins is a born performer and is going to join us on our stage to perform the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

This will lead nicely into our exploration of frogs and silk works. They are growing each week and the children were very excited to find some of our tadpoles have grown back legs! If you have any other insects such as snails or fish we could look after, we would love to borrow them for a few weeks!

The children have also been exploring different science experiments this week, thinking about how the different textures feel. Soap slime has been a particular favourite. Using open ended sensory activities such as this, gives us a wonderful way to provide the children with new vocabulary, whilst also using mathematical language such as full, empty, too much. Soap slime is very easy to make. If you would like to make it at home please follow the instructions below.

Grate bars of soap into a container. We used 8 bars for a large water tray.

Add warm water to the soap and leave overnight.

Just before using add cold water to the mix and see the wonderful slime transform!

Any soap will do but higher quality soap works the best.


Slime, soft, hard, goopy, wet, full, empty, more, less, perform, sing, dance, audience


Very hungry caterpillar 


Our favourite story this week is ‘There’s a Shark in the Park’. The children are requesting it frequently. It has great humour and many rhyming words that we can identify and discuss. Please watch the link below with your child and see if you can hear any rhyming words too. To extend this we will introduce more books with rhyming words and play games that encourage children to extend their knowledge of rhyming. 

On Wednesday Ms Peacock brought her baby son Arthur into the Meerkats’ class to bath him. This was a very exciting experience that the children were very interested in and children from other classes also came in to see the end of this. It would be great if any other parents from the Wolf Cub class who have a baby would be willing to bring it in for a similar experience.

Block play has been very creative this week. It has stimulated children to investigate design and physics as they are building bridges where they have been gaining first-hand experience of balance, measuring and aesthetics. This week the children will take photos of their creations in progress and their completed projects and we will encourage children to talk about what they have made. Adults will scribe their comments and stories.

Outside the children love mixing sand and water in bottles and containers. While doing this we will be talking about capacity, weight and volume. There has also been a lot of interest in floating and sinking. We will make boats and investigate materials and objects that float and sink.


Rhyming words, babies, bath, building, full, half-full, empty, float, sink


Shark in the Park


Deze week maken we kennis met de kunstwerken van René Margritte  in het prentenboek `Meneer René`.  Meneer René schildert zo goe d dat zijn schilderijen echt lijken.  Maar niemand wil ze kopen...Mijnheer René wenst dat zijn schilderijen echt waren, dan kan hij alles krijgen wat hij wil door ze te schilderen.   Deze week hebben we het over `echt ` en `niet echt`en schilderen we onze eigen wensen.



schilderen, het schilderij, de verf, echt,  niet echt, de wens


We will continue talking about the insects this week. Children are very interested in finding insects so we will do a insects hunt outside.  We will tell a story about ladybird fell into the water and many friends came to help. We will discuss the difference between a seven-spot ladybird and five-spot ladybird.  The children will try out a ladybird craft and play a “ladybird spots” number games.


insects昆虫( ku chong ), seven-spot ladybird七星瓢虫(qi xing piao chong),  five-spot ladybird五星瓢虫 (wu xing piao chong)


Stories: The Ladybird Has Dropped Into the Water瓢虫 落水啦!(piao chong luo shui la)