Ages 18 months–5 years


Our Early Years curriculum for Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception at BISS Puxi offers a child-centered, holistic approach to learning and follows the English Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework.

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Our aim is to provide a secure and nurturing environment which allows all children to reach their full potential. Small class sizes and low teacher-to-child ratios help us achieve this.

With a bilingual teaching assistant in each class to support the teacher, each child has all the help they need to develop their language skills in both English and Mandarin.

A Purpose-Built Learning Environment
Our Early Years Unit is a purpose-built learning environment where our youngest students will develop a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Here, they are encouraged to explore their new surroundings and use their imagination.

Innovative learning spaces in both the indoor and outdoor classrooms allow children the freedom to grow independently with dedicated playgrounds, climbing areas and many open-ended, large-scale resources.

As they develop confidence in their surroundings, they can use other facilities within the school – like our library, music rooms, our DaVinci Centre, sports hall and swimming pool.

Early Years Foundation Stage
The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets standards for the learning, development and care of children up to age five. It prepares them for Primary School, developing their knowledge and skills.

Areas of learning and development
At this early age, children are still learning to play, explore, create, and think critically. To focus their progress, our highly trained teachers engage them in activities shaped by seven Areas of Learning and Development. We use these interconnected areas to promote children’s individual interests and unique learning needs.

Prime areas
The programme is comprised of seven areas of learning with a basis in three Prime Areas:

• Communication and language
• Physical development
• Personal, social and emotional development

Specific areas
The Prime Areas underpin learning in all other areas and helps children to develop skills in the following four Specific areas:

• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Understanding the world
• Expressive arts and design

Children work towards the Early Learning Goals in the seven areas of learning whilst being closely supported and challenged along the way.

Play to Learn - Learn to Play
Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage learn by playing and exploring, being active and using creative and critical thinking. For your child play is purposeful, engaging and fun. It provides a wonderful way for them to learn.

Personalised Learning
At BISS, we treat your child as an individual by noting how your child learns best and personalising their learning to suit. We recognise that every child is different but should be treated equally. This establishes a method for learning that can last a lifetime and have a positive effect on academic results in later life.

Your child's teacher will plan personalised, engaging and inspiring learning experiences to allow your child to develop their interests and achieve the academic outcomes for their age.

A Foundation for Future Success
We recognise that, to achieve world-class results at IGCSE and IBDP in Secondary school, it is essential that the foundations for learning in the early years are secure and that personal progression is consistently monitored.

We therefore aim to provide our early years children with the academic knowledge and practical skills they need to become successful lifelong learners.

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At BISS Puxi we offer a personalised learning journey throughout your child’s education. This way they can learn in a way that suits them to succeed academically, while discovering how they can make a difference in the world outside the classroom.

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