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Week Beginning 17 April 2017

On Monday 17 April the Fox and Panther cubs will be visiting the local fire station. The Wolf and Meerkat cubs will also be enjoying this exciting experience on Tuesday 18 April. Please let your teacher know if you would like to volunteer. 


  • As the weather changes and becomes warmer, children will be using more water. Please send spare clothes so they can change into dry clothes. Please do make sure your child has a named sunhat, and when appropriate apply sun cream before coming to school.
  • The librarians are in school until 4:30 on Mondays and Tuesdays, if you want to come and borrow books, you can set up a family account.


The children have been really engrossed in both our Pizza Shop and Café and have been preparing food and taking orders.  They have also begun to show interest in writing signs.  Next week we will provide a range of writing materials, paper, clipboards, pens and pencil, to encourage the children to design their own signs as well as writing down customer’s orders in the café and pizza delivery telephone orders. If you visit a restaurant with your child or make a phone order talk to them about what happens and how the order might be recorded.

The children were very excited to order real pizza on the internet and talk about how it would be delivered and this has inspired them to talk about different toppings whilst making play dough pizzas.  We will record these by writing our own menus, and making and cooking our own pizzas.  We will also record a bar graph of our favourite toppings and see which is the most popular.

Our outdoor planting area has sparked a lot of interest as we have spotted carrots and beans growing, encouraging the children to keep watering the plants and checking on them regularly.  This has inspired the children, who want to use the vegetables to cook or make a salad with.


Menu, order, write, café, deliver, sign, toppings, favourite, most, least, grow, water, vegetables, “I would like…” please, thank  you


Do you  like pizza?

Can I take your order? 


The children have been talking a lot about pets. They decided to change the restaurant area into a pet shop. All of the children gave their ideas about what we would need. We will develop this further by adding a till and money and asking the children how much the pets cost to buy. We will use words like more and less. This interest also led to the children talking about a hospital for the sick animals so they decided that we also need a vet hospital. This week we will add an appointment book to encourage mark making. We have a wide range of animal books within our classrooms which we will investigate with the children. We will also listen to some animal sounds and ask the children if they can identify the animal that the sound comes from.

The children are excited about their trip to the fire station and we will follow the children’s interests with this when they return.

On some very sunny days the children have enjoyed water play outdoors. We will continue to allow the children to explore this with our new water wall.


How much does it cost? more, less, expensive, x-ray, stethoscope, appointment, fire station, fire engine


Animal Sounds

Fireman Sam


Deze week verkennen we modern kunst  aan de hand van  het boek`Kloddertje ` van Lionel Le Néouanic.  Niemand wil met kloddertje spelen want hij is vormeloos.  Tot hij de andere figuren leert hoe ze van vorm kunnen veranderen.  Samen maken ze echte kunstwerken in de trant van Miro en Matisse.   Deze week laten ook wij ons inspireren door het kubisme en we maken collages  met kleuren en vormen.



de vorm, kunst, schilderen, de driehoek, de rechthoek,  het vierkant, de cirkel, kleuren


We will continue to talk about “People Who Help Us”.  We will discuss more firefighters because on Monday and Tuesday the children will go to the local firestation. Children can make some fireman helmets and crafts and play fire drill games. We will also review other jobs. How do you know this man/woman is a doctor? What is he/she wearing when he is working?


help 帮助 (bang zhu); fireman 消防员(xiao fang yuan) ; postman 邮递员 (you di yuan); driver 司机 (si ji)

Song: Little Fireman 小小消防员(xiao xiao xiao fang yuan)

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