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Week Beginning 17 October 2016

Tanzania Day: We are dressing up in non-uniform for Tanzania Day this Friday 21 October and donating 10 RMB each. You can dress in the Tanzania flag colours, something linked with safari or maybe something else! This will help raise money for the Kitefu Primary School in Tanzania.


  • If your child has an afternoon nap you are welcome to send in personal bedding for your child.  Do remember to name all items. We will keep them in school during the week and send home on a Friday.
  • As the weather is beginning to change please make sure your child comes to school with suitable named outdoor clothes;  a raincoat with a hood and rain boots, which they can change into to go outside when it is wet. Please label all items with your child’s name!


Last week our Makaton signs of the week were mum, dad, sister and brother. This week we will be practising sit down, stand up and look/see. It would be fantastic if you could support us at home by teaching and practising these signs in your mother tongue.                     


Stand, up, look, see


During our swimming session the children have been building their confidence in the water using noodles. We will continue to develop this using games, songs and water play.


This week the children have been keen to set up a new role play. One of our students came dressed as a police officer which sparked the interest of a police station role play area. We will continue to develop this further next week adding technology such as cameras for collecting evidence and taking photographs of the criminals we catch and a finger print station. This role play area allows for lots of writing and mark making, taking notes when on the phone or using the incident forms when a visitor has a complaint!


Police officer, police station, criminal, arrest, evidence, finger print, emergency


Cucumbers and beans have grown in our garden over the holidays. The interest in this area has grown tremendously so we have found the wonderful book ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’ to read with the children. Here is the link to the animated version on youtube so you can share it at home.


Deze week kijken we terug naar  alle reizen die we gemaakt hebben de voorbije weken.  We gingen in de tractor van Boer Boris naar het strand, we maakten verschillende lange afstandsvluchten en sliepen in de nachttrein. 

We maken een reiskoffertje en vullen het met onze mooiste herinneringen.

Naar aanleiding van het kinderboekenweekthema `Voor altijd jong` beginnen we volgende week met een nieuw thema `Houden van...`.   We zullen in de klas een familiestamboom maken en praten over onze grootouders.  Kan u enkele leuke familiefoto`s mailen naar c-borger@bisspuxi.com of meegeven met uw kind?  Dank voor uw medewerking hierbij.



One Two Three Four Five Six Seven 一二三四五六七(yi er san si wu liu qi)

Finger Number Songs 手指数字歌(shou zhi shu zi ge)


Happy Numbers 快乐的数字(kuai le de shu zi)


Put Numbers in Order

Comparing Numbers

Trace/ Write Number


number数字 (shu zi); which is bigger哪个大 (na ge da ), which is smaller哪个小 (na ge xiao), compare比一比 (bi yi bi)

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