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Week Beginning 20 March 2017

World water day Wednesday 22 March: We will be thinking hard about water this week. Children may wear blue and help us raise money with a 10 RMB donation.


  • On Friday 31 March we will end our international week celebrations with a dress up day. Children are asked to come to school wearing something that represents their country. This day has a wonderful community feel and we look forward to seeing lots of national dress.
  • It is an exciting week for nursery this week with our first school trip.

Fox cubs – Monday  

Panthers – Tuesday

Wolves – Wednesday

Meerkats – Thursday

  • As the weather changes and becomes warmer, children will be using more water. Please send spare clothes so they can change into dry clothes.


This week the children have spent a lot of time in the outdoor area. We have prepped the flower beds ready for the new plants that we will buy in the shop next week. The children have also enjoyed washing crates to use in our role play areas. They made long trains and decided to go to the pet shop to visit all the animals.

Our whole week will revolve around our school trips. During our time at the park children will use cameras to take photos of the nature around us, looking closely at petals, leaves and flowers. At the shop we will choose and pay for a plant to create a sensory garden in our outdoor area. While we are at the shop we will select a range of vegetables to make our own class soup. Some of the vegetables that we will put in the soup can be used to replant. Did you know you can grow potatoes, Bok Choy, spring onions and carrots again?

We can’t wait to taste this delicious soup!

After asking the children what they would like to change our role play areas into they came up with many excellent ideas. We decided on a fire station, using Nathan’s rain coat for inspiration! If you have any tubes (both plastic and paper towel rolls) we would really appreciate them!


Cook, soup, vegetables, peel, chop, slice, knife, photograph


Fireman Sam 


Bread making has been extremely popular with both classes. One child made the link that his mother makes chapatti bread at home. She has been invited in and on Monday we will be making chapatti bread in school to continue with our interest in cooking and also to learn about the similarities and differences between different cultures. Along with this we will make a yoghurt dip. We have been delighted with the positive response from parents willing to join us and support us on our trip to the park and grocery store this week. Each child will be given money to buy a vegetable and a plant. When we return to school we will be making soup with the vegetables and planting the plants in our garden. Due to the popularity of the bread making we will make individual bread rolls to go with the soup. In our classrooms we will be making a fruit and vegetable shop, making shopping lists and money to further develop the children’s thinking and understanding in this area. Supporting stories will be introduced, please see the links below. There has also been a strong interest in clocks which has inspired the children to talk about time and numbers so we will be making our own clocks, playing ‘What’s the ‘ Time Mr Wolf’ and reading stories around times.


Vegetable names and  words to describe the taste colour and textures of fruits and vegetables, crisp, soft, hard, bright green, light green







Deze  week bereiden de peuters zich helemaal voor op het optreden van 1 maart.  We oefenen voor het prinsessenbal en maken


prinsessenbal, buigen, dansen, draaien, (stok) paard,  schild, zwaard, draak, bang


Theme: Spring

As we are going to have a trip to the park this week we will be talking about Spring in Mandarin class. What is the difference between Winter and Spring? What will happen to the plants or trees? Many questions can be discussed. Children will go looking for Spring during the trip. To follow this theme we will make some paper flowers.


Spring 春天 (chun tian) ; flower花朵 (hua duo); Where 在哪里 (zai na li)


Song: Where is Spring 春天在哪里 (chun tian zai na li)


春眠不觉晓 (chun mian bu jue xiao)

处处闻啼鸟 (chu chu wen ti niao)

夜来风雨声 (ye lai feng yu sheng)

花落知多少 (hua luo zhi duo shao)

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