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Week Beginning 22 January 2018


  • As we returned all the children’s items becfore the holidays to enable us to clean their cubbies, please remember to send in extra changes of warm clothes, any nappies that are needed as well as their bedding.
  • In our classrooms we will be learning about some new animal friends who will help us to be our best, such as ‘Persevering Parrots’, ‘Trying Turtles’ and ‘Proud Peacocks’. Watch this space to hear more about them.


We are continuing to learn about winter this week and also learning about polar animals. We will also be thinking about cold colours and hot colours. We will use this knowledge to make a cold coloured painting, mixing the paint to create different shades of blue. The children will learn about animals that live in cold places, such as penguins, polar bears, walruses and seals. We will find out where they live what they look like and what they eat.

In maths the children will be putting polar animals and snowflakes in size order. Which is the biggest, smallest and medium sized?


Winter Song

Names and sounds of polar animals

Penguin Song


Cold, colours, blue, silver, white, ice, snow, polar bear, penguin, whale, walrus, seal, reindeer, big, biggest, middle, medium, small, smallest


The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud


In Mandarin, the children will be listening to the story, ‘The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud’. The children will be learning the names of the animals in the book and using the puppets to retell the story.


Polar bear北极熊(bei ji xiong), penguin企鹅(qi  e), seal海豹(hai bao), whale鲸鱼(jing yu), reindeer鹿(lu), snow雪(xue), cold冷(leng), small小(xiao), smallest最小(zui xiao), middle中(zhong ), medium中等(zhong deng), big大(da), biggest最大(zui da), size尺寸(chi cun)


The pupils have continued to be fascinated by seasonal changes and the ice experiments that we planned have prompted lots of questions and discussion.  The children have been to keen to share their knowledge and use different strategies to solve problems. We have also been developing their vocabulary of winter clothing through activities and also as they are getting dressed to go outside, we have been encouraging pupils to use the words to describe their actions. We will continue to develop this, taking note of the types of weather we experience over the next week. Snow showers are forecast so hopefully we will be able to use that experience to enhance our learning.

The children’s interest in the story of the The Gingerbread man had continued, with pupils eager to help when retelling the story. They have been keen to use materials to create their own props for this, making model gingerbread men and the river. We hope to create puppets of the other characters with the pupils to enrich the retelling of the story.

As Chinese New Year approaches we are beginning to prepare for the celebrations. The restaurant role-play corner has allowed children to reflect on their own experiences and apply them to their play. Many children are imitating the roles of chef, waiter and customer. This has prompted discussion about menus, taking orders, how we use technology to pay, as well as developing their manners. If you happen to be in a restaurant with your child, please take the opportunity to point out the areas such as the cash desk or the kitchen and the people such as waiters and chefs.  Share with you child how you ask for the bill and what method you use to pay it. We will also begin to make decorations and to learn some songs to celebrate the coming festivities.


Winter Song

How’s the weather song?

The Gingerbread Man


Sunny, Rain, Cloudy, Fog, Wind, Snow, Ice, Melt, Freeze, Run, run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m a gingerbread man



Mr.Sun Is Sick 太阳感冒了(tai yang gan mao le)


It’s Rainny 下雨了 (xia yu le)


Sunny Day 晴天(qin tian),  Rainny Day下雨天(xia yu tian),  Snowy Day下雪天(xia xue tian),  Windy Day刮风天(gua feng tian) , Cloudy Day阴天(yin tian)


Het podium staat klaar in de Nederlandse klas dus de voorstelling kan beginnen. Deze week dansen en zingen we met Jules.  We luisteren naar allerlei geluiden en bewegen op verschillende muziekgenres.  Kan jij  muziek maken met je eigen lichaam?


het geluid, dansen, zingen,  de muziek,het ritme, bewegen, luid, zacht, traag, vlug