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Week Beginning 29 August 2016

For more information about the routines of your child’s individual class please attend our ‘Meet and Greet’ meeting on Monday 29 August from 6.15-8.00.  There will be a brief ‘Welcome’, followed by two sessions with class teachers in the classrooms; one at 6.45 and another at 7.15.  This will give you the opportunity to meet teachers if you have children in different year groups.  It will allow you also to ask any questions and meet other parents of children in your class.


  • After a busy first week back at school the children are beginning to settle in and become familiar with their new routines. We would like to thank all our parents for your support and understanding as the first week back at school can be both exciting and sometimes quite overwhelming after the long summer holidays.
  • Swimming (for the toilet trained children only) will take place on Fridays.  This will begin on Friday 2nd  August. Children will need a labelled waterproof bag containing their swimming costume and swim hat and towel. Goggles are optional. Arm bands or other swim aids are not needed.
  • Please ensure all clothing and belongings are labelled with your child’s name.  This includes water bottles and  snack boxes.
  • Please bring in a labelled sun hat. The weather is very hot at the moment and we would like to ensure all children use the outdoor area safely.
  • Please remember we are a nut free school and all snacks should be healthy. Thank  you for you support with this.
  • It would be helpful for the children to have shoes that they are able to remove and put on themselves in school.  This will allow the children to become more independent.


We will continue  to get to know the children in our classes, exploring the different areas within the Nursery units and encouraging children to form friendships with their new peers. The children have taken a real interest in the sand kitchen outside, mixing sand and water to create wonderful cakes and soups. The children have also been exploring transporting water from one place to another using drain pipes and buckets. Excellent problem solving!


As the children begin their second week in Nursery we will be reinforcing our daily routines, and supporting children to feel confident at school.

There will be a focus during carpet sessions on learning to recognise the other children in the class, and we will play games to help children remember each other’s names, and the names of their teachers.


Cub, Foxes, Meerkats, Panthers, Wolves, Mrs Walker, Mrs Robertson, Miss Vaughan, Miss Hollins


We will introduce the children to the animal that represents their class and find out a little bit of information about the animal, for example:

What does a fox look like?

Where do meerkats live?

What do wolves sound like?

How does a panther move?

Talk to your child about their class animal. Can you find them in a story book at home?


We will begin our swimming and P.E sessions this week, focusing on moving in different ways. We will use the soft play equipment to crawl up and down, through the tunnels and jump over obstacles  while practising our balancing skills!


over, under , through, on.


De peuters hebben Jules de klaspop de voorbije dagen in hun hart gesloten.  Deze week gaan we samen met Jules  op vakantie naar zee.

We lezen het boek `Boer Boris  gaat naar  zee` en pakken al onze strandspullen in.


Heeft u leuke vakantiekiekjes  van uw peuter mail deze dan zeker naar c-borger@bisspuxi.com.  Deze bieden mooie ondersteuning bij onze kringgesprekken.


Me and my class

SONG : School song  上学歌(shang xue ge )


你好hello(ni hao),  名字name(ming  zi), 班级 class(ban ji ), 学校 school(xue xiao), 老师teacher (lao shi), 同学classmates (tong xue)

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