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Week Beginning 16 October 2017


  • We are looking for parents who are able to volunteer their time to help with our Early Years Library. This would include keeping the books in order, scanning books in and out, reading to children, demonstrating book care and making the book area looking inviting. Please email Liz Peacock (e-peacock@bisspuxi.com) if you would like to volunteer.
  • We will soon begin to create a music wall outside form recycled materials.  If you have old pots, pans, metal spoons, or any other kitchen utensils that you are no longer using, we would gladly accept them.
  • Who are you? Who lives at your house? We will shortly begin a topic around our families, and ask if you could please send in or email a photo of your family and the people and/or pets that live in your home.
  • On Friday we will have a Tanzania dress-up day! This means your child is invited to dress up for the day as an African animal, a person on safari or in the colours of the Tanzanian flag, green, black, blue and yellow.  Please bring a 20 RMB donation to support our senior students who are travelling to Tanzania next month. Money raised goes directly to providing much needed resources for the assistance projects our students work on.
  • Parent teacher meetings will take place on October 31st and November 2nd, please return the form provided to secure your appointment time.
  • Giving Tree - Each year, Giving Tree aims to provide children in need with a gift bag full of winter clothes and school supplies. The hope is that these children will one day pay it forward and give to others. A programme of the Community Center Shanghai, it keeps the children’s preferences in mind with individualised bags and gives our students the opportunity to hand deliver bags to the children who will benefit from them.

    Key information:
    •    This year the Giving Tree bags will be pre-filled, which will cost RMB185 and you are required to purchase a toy and an educational book for approximately RMB70.
    •    Alternatively, families can donate RMB250 for all items to be brought on their behalf.
    •    If you would like to participate, please sign-up by visiting the link below by Friday 27 October 2017.
          Online payment for The Giving Tree
    •    Alternatively, you can make a cash payment in the school Uniform Shop.
    •    Bags will be sent home with your son/daughter and should be returned to school by Wednesday 15 November 2017.
    •    Bags will include instructions, helpful information and a gift card.
    This year we have committed to fill 600 bags. If you have any queries, please contact Ling Coong (l-coong@bisspuxi.com).



Each teacher will plan learning experiences that link to the readiness and interests that they observe in the children in their class.  While these separate themes operate in each room, the children know they are free to choose to work in another room.  The planning is specific to each classroom, but not confined to that class, so children have many rich opportunities available to them across the three classrooms.  Mandarin teaching will link into each theme, with the Mandarin speaking staff introducing specific language, books and songs.


We are coming to the end of our colour theme, and have noticed children using shape names. This week we will continue to support the interest in colour while we introduce more learning about two dimensional shapes in our environment, linking to art, puzzles, blocks and language.


Shape, triangle, circle, square, rectangle, same, different, point, round


Next  week  we  will  continue  to  talk  about  colours  and  also  start  to  learn  some  different  shapes.


Colour/yan  se/颜色   red/hong se/红色    yellow/huang se/黄色     blue/lan se/蓝色     shape/xing  zhuang/形状     circle/yuan xing/圆形     square/zheng fang xing/正方形   triangle/san  jiao  xing/三角形     


colour  song/yan  se  ge/颜色歌Shapes song/xing zhuang ge/形状歌                                                                                      


The Badgers have been showing lots of interest in colours this week. Next week we will continue to learn about colours, including naming and mixing. The children have also started to show an interest in shapes. We will, therefore, also be talking about shapes, learning their names, cutting them out and singing shape songs.


Shape, triangle, circle, square, rectangle, same, different, point, round


During  Mandarin  we   will continue  talk  about  different  colours. .  We will also learn the names of the shapes, and  play a shape game.


red /hong  se /红色,yellow/huang   se/黄色,blue/lan  se/蓝色,colour/yan  se/颜色,shape/xing zhuang/形状,triangle/san jiao xing/三角形,squre/zheng fang xing/正方形, circle/yuan xing/圆形


What shape is this?/zhe shi shen me xing zhuang/《这是什么形状?》


Colour  song/yan  se  ge/颜色歌Shapes song/xing zhuang ge/形状歌


The Tiger Cubs have been intersted in discussing and playing with shape, using their own ideas.  They have been tracing and painting around shapes, making pictures and patterns, using natural materials to create shapes and pointing out shapes in their environment.  They have also been talking about the colours of the shapes they see around them.  We will continue to follow their interest in this by ‘adding’ colour  to shape,  encouraging language like ‘green traingle’, ‘red circle’ etc, using games and activities to reinforce this.

There has also been a strong interest in making trains using the classroom chairs.  We will continue to encourage this interest and add the use of role play props and train books.  We will provide large boxes for the children to decorate how they please and add shapes to make a ‘shape train’ to see where this interest leads.


The childern have been very interested in learning different colours and shapes, so next week we will continue to talk about this topic and play some games with them to review the names of colours and shapes.


shape/xing zhuang/形状, triangle/san jiao xing/三角形, squre/zheng fang xing/正方形, circle/yuan xing/圆形, colour/yan se/颜色


Shape song/xing zhuang ge/形状歌

Colour  song/yan  se  ge/颜色歌


What shape is this?/zhe shi shen me xing zhuang/《这是什么形状?》

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