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Week Beginning 20 March 2017

This week we are celebrating World Water Day on Wednesday 22 March, we will be talking to children about how important water is and how we try not to waste it.  To support water saving charities we are asking that each child brings 10 RMB and wears blue clothing on this day to bring awareness to this important world issue.


  • We’ve had some rainy days where many children have been kept inside.  Please do send rain boots and a rain coat so that children can still enjoy some outdoor play on a wet day.
  • We respectfully remind you that our school day begins at 8:25 AM.  If you are running very late and your child is arriving after 8:55 AM  you must register their arrival with our primary reception desk in the main foyer.  Many thanks for your co-operation.
  • On Friday 31 March we will end our international week celebrations with a dress up day. Children are asked to come to school wearing something that represents their country. This day has a wonderful community feel and we look forward to seeing lots of national dress.


The children have been very engaged in learning about the change of seasons, noticing new growth on plants and talking about how plants grow.  Some children enjoyed a spring walk around the school to identify signs of spring where we took some photos to use in class to prompt more ideas about spring and plant growth.  We will extend this learning into this week and include themes around water and not wasting water.  We will help the children to understand to turn taps off.  We also have a new fish tank in our early years area, we will be observing the fish together and using this experience to note that fish are in water and are living things.


Buds, leaf, garden, water, waste, spring, fish


Our growth topic allows wonderful opportunities for the children to notice and talk about what they see, in the living things around us such as plants and fish.  We hope to spark conversations about what we see and have the children also draw these things after observation.


See, notice, alive, move, grow


De peuters en kleuters zijn ondertussen volleerde dokters en kunnen in uiterste nood een verband aanleggen of je bloeddruk controleren.  Deze week regelen we het verkeer in de peuterklas en we ontwerpen onze eigen politie-uniform.  Houd de dief!


de agent, de pet, de boete, stop, links, rechts, het verkeer, de straat, de stoep, botsen, de boef, de dief, het politiebureau


This week we will talk about how plants grow.


plant/zhi  wu/植物,grow/sheng  zhang/生长,water/shui /水,sunshine/yang  guang/阳光


Pulling the radish/ba  luo  bo/拔萝卜


The carrot seed/hu  luo  bo  zhong  zi/胡萝卜种子