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Week Beginning 27 November 2017


  • Save the date: Pre Nursery Christmas Show Friday 8 December – For this show the children will all be wearing exciting costumes that they are making themselves at school! We need your support in providing plain coloured clothing to wear underneath this costume. Bobcats will wear RED, Badgers will wear GREEN and Tigers will wear BROWN clothing. For bottoms we suggest trousers, leggings or tights, for tops we suggest long or short sleeved t-shirt or sweater, both in the plain colour for your class. Thank you!
  • Save the date: Christmas Party Wednesday 13 December.
  • Children who are ill need to be at home to recover as we cannot  care for sick children in school and do not want illness to spread to the others. Please see our school policy for these common occurences:

-Diarrhoea (2 or more episodes in 24h that is new or unusual): Stay home for 48 hours since the last episode.

-Vomiting (more than 2 times and/or occurring with fever): Stay home for 48 hours since the last episode of vomiting

-Vomiting (1 isolated occurrence without fever): Stay home for 24 hours since vomiting

-Fever (temperature equal to or more than 37.6 degrees celsius): Stay home 24 hours after the pupil is found fever free without intake of fever lowering medication

If your child is ill, please let your child’s teacher know and also whether the illness is contagious or not.


Each teacher will plan learning experiences that link to the readiness and interests that they observe in the children in their class.  While these separate themes operate in each room, the children know they are free to choose to work in another room.  The planning is specific to each classroom, but not confined to that class, so children have many rich opportunities available to them across the three classrooms.  Mandarin teaching will link into each theme, with the Mandarin speaking staff introducing specific language, books and songs.


Some parents have made enquiries about how we use screen time in pre nursery. As you are aware, each classroom is fitted with a large screen enabling Apple TV among others. At BISS we understand that children need very little screen time and their learning is better supported with well-planned and facilitated play-based learning experiences, so we are careful to limit our screen use to short, meaningful, well-thought-out moments. The screens can be a very useful resource when settling new children into the setting, and we used them as such for carefully selected stories and songs for short periods of times at the beginning of term. We also use the screens to share with the children relevant short clips such as NASA rockets counting down to take off (in the Bobcats class during our counting theme) and to support the planned music curriculum with our specialist music teacher Sarah Reynolds.  For a few minutes at home time you may also see the screens in use to help the children settle quietly and wait for their name to be called when their grown-up has arrived, this helps us manage this transition in a calm and happy way.


We have been very busy practicing for our Christmas Show on December 8th, and we’re very much looking forward to performing for you all! All of this Christmas singing has sparked a real interest in the culture around Christmas and winter, and this will inform our planned learning experiences at school until the end of term in three weeks. In art we will be collaborating to work on our costumes for the Christmas Show, working together to paint, stick and cut! We will also be studying ice, observing it melt in our sensory troughs and exploring what happens when it changes from solid to liquid, perhaps a lovely time to also make our own ice lollies together! We will continue to practice our singing and expand on our winter vocabulary in both English and Chinese, using words like warm, cold, hat, jacket and boots. This is also a good opportunity to talk about winter illness and keeping ourselves, warm, clean and healthy with good food, warm clothing and plenty of hand-washing to keep the germs away. Christmas crafts will also feature as we encourage the children to try out their mark-making, cutting, painting and gluing skills in different ways.


We will talk about winter next week, sing some songs and read some stories about this topic.


winter/dong tian/冬天, cold/leng/冷,jacket/wai tao/外套,snow man/xue ren/ 雪人


Edelweiss/xue rong hua/雪绒花


Winnie in winter/dong tian de wen ni/冬天的温妮

It’s snowing/xia xue  le/下雪了


Edelweiss/xue rong hua/雪绒花