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Week Beginning 16 October 2017


  • As the weather is now changing, please make sure your child is well equipped for the day ahead with named, appropriate rain clothing such as a rain coat and wellington boots.
  • JUNK MODELLING! We are excited that the children are getting creative and want to build models and make different things, but we need your help to supply bottles, toilet roll inners, boxes, lids and more! Please ensure that there is no glass, and that everything is washed before sending it into school. Thank you.
  • TANZANIA DAY is coming – dig out your finest animal costume, animal print clothing or colours from the Tanzanian flag to look great on Friday 20th!
  • BISCAP/PE/Swimming: We are so excited going to our specialist lessons and BISCAP classes. Help us to keep all your child’s belongings safe by naming everything clearly with name and class.
  • Uniform: we are growing in independence and getting changed for PE is an important part of the lesson. Please remember to send your child’s PE kit in a bag, so that they can change within the PE lesson time.
  • We are looking for parents who are able to volunteer their time to help with our Early Years Library. This would include keeping the books in order, scanning books in and out, reading to children, demonstrating book care and making the book area looking inviting. Please email Liz Peacock (e-peacock@bisspuxi.com) if you would like to voluntee.
  • Parent teacher meetings will take place on October 31st and November 2nd, please return the form provided to secure your appointment time.
  • Giving Tree Bags - Each year, Giving Tree aims to provide children in need with a gift bag full of winter clothes and school supplies. The hope is that these children will one day pay it forward
    and give to others. A programme of the Community Center Shanghai, it keeps the children’s preferences in mind with individualised bags and gives our students the opportunity
    to hand deliver bags to the children who will benefit from them.

    Key information:
    •    This year the Giving Tree bags will be pre-filled, which will cost RMB185 and you are required to purchase a toy and an educational book for approximately RMB70.
    •    Alternatively, families can donate RMB250 for all items to be brought on their behalf.
    •    If you would like to participate, please sign-up by visiting the link below by Friday 27 October 2017. 
         Online payment for The Giving Tree
    •    Alternatively, you can make a cash payment in the school Uniform Shop.
    •    Bags will be sent home with your son/daughter and should be returned to school by Wednesday 15 November 2017.
    •    Bags will include instructions, helpful information and a gift card.
    This year we have committed to fill 600 bags. If you have any queries, please contact Ling Coong (l-coong@bisspuxi.com).



This week we are supporting the children to apply their phonics by making their mark in our class learning environments. We will be reading the story of Handa’s Surprise and learning to retell it by heart. It will be exciting to learn the names of different animals and fruits that we see in the story, and we will practise sounding out the letters in the words we can hear to make books and pictures of our favourite pages.


Fruit, animal, Tanzania, Africa, Handa, label, caption, sentence, meaning, read back, ‘tell me what you have written’


We are consolidating these sounds s a t p i n d g o c k m and working on blending them together to read and write simple words and captions e.g. cop, mat, ‘sit on a pin’.


We are so good at recognising numbers now, that we will be using our knowledge to find these numbers on rulers, tape measures and more to measure different things. How long is a giraffe’s neck? How tall is an elephant? Are we taller or shorter than our friends?


More, less, fewer, counting, taller, shorter, measure, check


Africa is amazing! With Tanzania day coming, we will learn more about the beautiful continent of Africa and discover how it is similar or different to our homes in China. We will look at environemnts, animals, trees and weather to find out more.


Africa, same, different, animals, “would you like to live there?...why?”


We will talk about the Autumn, to see how is the season getting changed,by walking out to pick up leaves and find out the colours in nature.


Autumn is coming  秋天到 (qiu tian dao)


Leaf painting


The wind of autumn (秋风吹吹 )(qiu feng chui chui)


Autumn秋天 (qiu tian )     leaf树叶   (shu ye)      golden  金色 (jin se)      red 红色 (hong se )    yellow 黄色 (huang se)


It’s cooler in autumn ! (秋天真凉爽!)(qiu tian zhen liang shuang)


Deze week griezelen we verder met ‘ Dit is een boek vol monsters’ van Guido van Genechten.  Wie erbij was op het Griezelfeest weet hier alvast meer over!  We creëren met plasticine de engste monsters en verzinnen een gepaste naam voor onze monsters.  We maken ontwerpen een anti-monster apparaat om ons te beschermen tegen monsterslijm en giftanden.  Niet voor watjes!

In Villa Letterpret zoeken we deze week woorden die beginnen met de letter `m `.


monster, wasknijper, eng, handschoen, gillen, slijm, bescherming, apparaat, wasknijper, oordopjes, rubberlaarzen

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