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Week Beginning 18 December 2017

Back to school: we are looking forward to welcoming all our  classmates and families back to school on Tuesday 9 January! Have a lovely holiday, relax, celebrate, stay warm, happy and healthy. Merry Christmas from us all.


  • Let’s Be Friends! We will be excited to welcome new friends to our classes in January and teach them how we look after each other and show kindness to our friends at school. We are very good at playing together inside the classroom and on the playground. We supervise the playground very carefully, adults are positioned at key points, with two adults availiable to move around and play games with the children. All adults wear high visibility vests so that they can see each other and be seen quickly by the children.


We will be looking at friendship groups and how to play with other children well at school. We will be helping our new friends to feel welcome in our class and show them how we use kind hands, speak nicely to each other and how we share our things.

Sometimes, we know it is difficult to always agree with our friends, so we will also look at how to deal with conflict and disagreements to make sure that everyone is happy.  We want everyone to feel happy at school and so we will teach the children how important it is to listen to our friends’ ideas.

We will be working on “friendships”as an ongoing theme over this term. What does being a good friend look like? How can we all work together?


Friends, listen, share, happy, kind, respect, agree/disagree

MATHS: Count away and add them up!

We will practise recognising different numbers within 30 and beyond. We will practise counting groups of objects carefully, saying each number in sequence one by one.

We will practise finding the total amount when add 2 numbers together using objects and our fingers to help us. We will begin to count along a numberline to find the answer as well.


Total, number, add, order, bigger, smaller, count on, practise


This week the teachers are having an exciting training opportunity with the Read Write Inc Phonics scheme. We look forward to sharing more information about the scheme with you in the new Year.

Please keep practising letter/ sound recognition and blending simple words that you can build with the letters we send home. How quickly can your child turn over and read all their tricky words?

This week we will showcase our writing skills by writing about all the fun we had on our holidays.


Blend, read, write, phonics, letters, sounds


We will talk about winter.


Small snowflakes小雪花 (xiao xuehua)


cut snowflakes  剪雪花 (jian xuehua)


The snowfake finds his father小雪花找爸爸(xiao xuehua zhao baba)


Winter冬天  (dongtian )       Cold 冷 (leng )    Snow雪(xue ) Snowflake 雪花 (xuehua )


Winter is coming,  the snowflakes fall down ! 冬天到,雪花飘 (dong tian dao. Xuehua piao)


Deze week kijken we terug naar de hoogtepunten van 2017.  We kijken naar foto`s van nieuwjaarstradities en springen als vuurpijlen 2018 in. 

In Villa Letterpret  zoeken  we woorden die beginnen met de `j`  van jaar.


Nieuwjaar, Oudejaarsavond,  het vuurwerk,de oliebollen, het feest,  de feesthoed, de pakjes,de klok, twaalf uur