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Week Beginning 18 September 2017


  • BISCAP/PE/Swimming: We are so excited going to our specialist lessons and BISCAP classes. Help us to keep all your child’s belongings safe by naming everything clearly with name and class. Remember to bring your school P.E kit to change into when it is time for P.E.
  • Uniform: we are growing in independence and getting changed for PE is an important part of the lesson. Please remember to send your child’s PE kit in a bag, so that they can change within the PE lesson time.
  • Family Library time: the main school Library on the 3rd floor is open on Monday and Tuesday evening after school every week for parents to share and borrow books.
  • Early Years library – now open! Hopefully everyone has been enjoying their new books this week. Remember to return it in time so that you can choose a new one for this week.
  • Registration for the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) is now open to adults and students. The HSK test will be held on Saturday 11 November 2017. Please see the attached registration form for information. Full documentation and payment for HSK test must be received by Monday 9 October 2017.

LEARNING THEME: “Let’s get physical…”

We are really enjoying the big blocks in the den, as well as our new outdoor equipment. We’ve been building, and creating rockets, spaceships and more. We’re going to be practising moving and handling equipment safely. We will be looking at pushing, pulling, sharing, carrying, catching objects so that we can use them appropriately to play.


push, pull, carry, build, tower, tall, balance, catch, throw, move,


It is really important to speak to your friends when you are building with big equipment so that we all stay safe. We will be practising communicating with whoever we are playing with so that everyone knows what our ideas are.


We have been so clever learning our phonics sounds so far this term so we will be looking at using our role play areas and different parts of the classroom to make lists, maps, letters, menus and more.


We will be looking at the words ‘more’ and ‘fewer’ with objects, pictures, weight, length and anything else we can find! How many things can you count at home?


We will continue talking about the body ,using the five senses to explore the world.


Head,shoulders ,knees and toes  头,肩膀,膝盖和脚 (tou,jianbang,xigai he jiao)


We will do science experiment by using different objects to know how important the five senses are.


see 看 (kan)       smell 闻  (wen )      listen 听 (ting)      taste 尝 (chang )     touch 摸(mo )


Have a  look/taste....      看一看/尝一尝 …. (kan yi kan/ chang yi chang )


Naar aanleiding van het thema van de komende kinderboekenweek  `Griezelen` lezen we deze week het boek `Bang Mannetje` .   Bang Mannetje is bang voor  van alles:  van voordringen bij de bakker, van het dragen van een bloemetjesbroek en van rare geluiden in de nacht.  Hij maakt een afspraak met de Toverboom die bange mannetjes van hun angst afhelpt....  Waar ben jij bang voor?  Wat doe je als je bang bent?  We verwoorden onze kleine en grote angsten en hangen ze op in de toverboom.  


De kinderen van Reception  brengen elke dinsdag een bezoekje aan de schoolbibliotheek.  Gelieve het biebboek weer  tijdig mee te geven zodat uw kind elke week een nieuw boek kan uitkiezen.  Hartelijk dank voor uw hulp hierbij.


bang, schrikken, spoken,  griezelig, toveren, dapper, eng, vleermuis, heks