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Week Beginning 21 August 2017


  • Welcome back to BISS! It has been lovely to see the children returning to school with such enthusiasm and energy during the first few days. We can tell already that this year will be great!
  • Uniform many children are looking smart in their new shorts, summer dresses and polo shirts. Please ensure that full school uniform, including black school shoes are worn daily. School PE kit can be purchased from the uniform shop and should be brought to school on your child’s PE day.
  • Help us to keep all your child’s belongings safe by naming everything clearly with name and class.
  • Monday 21st August – ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening from 6-8pm. There will be a brief welcome followed by two sessions to enable parents with more than one child to go to both. We encourage new and exisiting parents to attend.  Session 1 starts at 18:30 and  Session 2 starts at 19:15.

We would like to ask that children do not attend the Meet & Greet event. The event is targeted at adults and the timing is late for the children on a school night. We fully understand that for some NEW parents, you do not yet have child care and so may have to bring your children. If you are bringing your child, please be responsible for your child at all times as they cannot be left unsupervised in school or the playground. You may want to bring something to keep them quietly occupied while the teacher is talking. Thanks for your support and understanding.

LEARNING THEME: “Welcome Back!”

We are exploring our new classes, meeting new friends and thinking lots about our class animal this week. We will be sharing stories about our class animal and acting out being a Bear/Raccoon/Panda/Cheetah cub! We will also be thinking about our summer holidays and the changes between Reception and Nursery.

Key Vocabulary this year, different, new, friends


We will be practising speaking English to our teachers and friends, and learning a small part of an animal story.

We will use our voices to show if we are excited, scared, cross or happy.


We want to be the best cubs, and will be learning more about what it means to be a Bear/Raccoon/Panda/Cheetah cub…how will we behave in our new environments? How will we take care of our friends?


We will also be remembering the work we started in Nursery with phonics, by looking at different letter shapes and saying the sounds they make.


We will be working hard to count in English, and count out different groups of objects with our teachers.


We will be getting to know our friends- finding out each others names, working with a partner. We will extend this by describing a friend for the other children to guess.

Songs: 你叫什么名字 ?ni jiao shen me mingzi ?what is your name ?

找朋友 zhao pengyou  to find friend

Activity: Friendship games

Key words:名字 mingzi name  朋友 pengyou friend

Key sentences:我叫 …wo jiao… I am called…

我的朋友 wo de pengyou… my friend is…


De kinderen van Reception bereiden zich voor op de komst van de SDS- baby van juf Chris en meester Job tijdens het thema `Groei je groot !`.  Deze week hebben we het over alles wat groeit:  kinderen groeien maar ook planten, dieren, je haar en zelfs je nagels!  We ordenen foto`s van verschillende groeicycli en motiveren onze ordening.

De kinderen zullen hun eigen tijdlijn samenstellen.   Kan u enkele foto`s van uw kind tijdens verschillende leeftijdsfases (bv pasgeborene, kruipfase, eerste stapjes, eerste dag naar school, ...) mailen naar c-borger@bisspuxi.com?   Hartelijk dank voor uw hulp hierbij!


groeien, baby, peuter, kleuter, kind, volwassene, lopen, kruipen, allereerste, allerlaatste

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