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Week Beginning 22 January 2018


  • PE and Swimming lessons: We really enjoy our PE and swimming lessons, please check your child’s timetable to ensure you are aware of which days these lessons happen. If your child is unwell, please follow the school policy regarding absence from school. It is an important part of the currirulum, and therefore if children are in school they should be participating in these lessons. Please be reminded that the children are fully dried and hairdryers are used in colder weather months, perhaps include a winter hat on swimming days if you are worried about them being cold. Please alert your child’s class teacher if they are not taking part due to medical reasons. Thank you for your support.
  • ILLNESS: During the cold and changing weather we understand that illnesses are common. Please remember to keep your child at home if they are suffering with a fever and for 24hrs after they are clear of a fever.
  • Chinese New Year Celebrations: We are excited about our upcoming celebrations in school and at the weekend fair on Sunday 4 February. We will also be celebrating in our classes with our dress up ‘Red day’ where you are invited to wear your favourite red clothes, or Chinese style clothing on Friday 9 February.
  • Let’s Be Friends! We will be excited to welcome new friends to our classes in January and teach them how we look after each other and show kindness to our friends at school. We are very good at playing together inside the classroom and on the playground. We supervise the playground very carefully, adults are positioned at key points, with two adults availiable to move around and play games with the children. All adults wear high visibility vests so that they can see each other and be seen quickly by the children.


Things are always easier when you help a friend. We will be exploring activities to see if we can achieve more on our own or together. Who can you see that might need some help? How can you be a good, helpful friend?


Friends, share, help, working together

MATHS: Doubles and problems!

We are so fantastic at adding two groups of objects together now that we will be looking at adding 2 groups that are the same together to learn about doubling. We will help our teachers and friends to solve number problems using counting materials.


Double, same, total, number, add, bigger, count on, problem

PHONICS: Using our sounds for writing

We have been trying so hard with our sounds that we can now recognise all of the graphemes. We will be looking at how to form each letter correctly, whilst holding our pencil properly. This week the teachers will begin to use some of the new Read Write Inc materials in the classroom.


Formation, tall letters, low letters, below the line, on the line, blend, read, write, phonics, letters, sounds

LITERACY: Reading, understanding and saying sentences.

We are so good at sounding out letters to read words that we are now building sentences to say to our friends and teachers. We need to hold a few words in our heads so that we can remember the sentences we are reading to talk about stories confidently.


Story, sentence, words, what does it mean?


We start to introduce Chinese New Year. We will talk about 12 zodiac animals and tell the children the story about them.


New year greeting from 12 animals  十二生肖拜大年 (shier shengxiao  bai da nian)


Put the 12 animals in order   十二生肖排序(shi er sheng xiao pai xu)


The Animal Race  生肖比赛  (shenxiao bisai)


  Zodiac  生肖 (sheng xiao )       Year  年  (nian )       Dog 狗 (gou )   race比赛 (bi sai)    


What year of animal were you born?                       I was born in year of ...snack/dragon.

你是哪年出生的?                                                         我出生在...蛇/龙 年.

(Ni shi na nian chu sheng de? )                              (Wo chu sheng zai she/long nian.)


De kinderen van  Reception hebben deze week hun luisteroren aan!  We bedenken zelf allerlei geluiden en gaan aan de slag met prentenboeken om zelf een hoorspel te maken.  Wat voor een geluid maakt een fietsbel?  En een hijskraan?  We gaan weerom een muzikale week tegemoet!

In Villa Letterpret  sorteren we woorden met dezelfde beginletter.

In de week van 29 januari tot en met 3 februari besteden we extra aandacht aan voorlezen naar aanleiding van de Nationale Voorleesdagen?  Komt u graag ook een keertje voorlezen in de klas?  Graag een mailtje naar c-borger@bisspuxi.com.  Breng uw favoriete (prenten)boek mee of kies een boek uit onze geweldig schoolbieb!


geluid, kraken, piepen, fluisteren, tikken, klappen, schreeuwen, hard, zacht, traag, snel

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