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Week Beginning 27 November 2017


  • SCHOOL UNIFORM: Please note that the school colours for trousers should be grey, not black.
  • RALPH THE REINDEER: Please note the date for our upcoming performance of Ralph the Reindeer on 5 December! We are still missing some costumes for our little elves, reindeers and toys. Please send your child’s costume in school by Friday 25th November,  please send this in to school as soon as possible in a named carrier bag. We look forward to seeing you at the show!
  • PE ATTENDANCE: Lots of children are coming to school without their PE kit saying that they are ‘sick’ and so not doing PE. PE lessons are conducted inside throughout the year. Please be aware that PE is an important part of your child’s curriculum and they should be prepared and safe during the lesson by wearing the appropriate clothing. If your child is not well enough for PE, please keep them at home so that they can recover fully before returning to school.
  • JUNK MODELLING! We are excited that the children are getting creative and want to build models and make different things, but we need your help to supply bottles, toilet roll inners, boxes, lids and more! Please ensure that there is no glass, and that everything is washed before sending it into school. Thank you.
  • BISCAP/PE/Swimming: We are so excited going to our specialist lessons and BISCAP classes. Help us to keep all your child’s belongings safe by naming everything clearly with name and class.
  • Uniform: we are growing in independence and getting changed for PE is an important part of the lesson. Please remember to send your child’s PE kit in a bag, so that they can change within the PE lesson time.
  • Save the date: Christmas Party Wednesday 13 December we are looking forward to our Christmas Parties and dressing up in our Christmas outifits!
  • Children who are ill need to be at home to recover as we cannot  care for sick children in school and do not want illness to spread to the others. Please see our school policy for these common occurences:

-Diarrhoea (2 or more episodes in 24h that is new or unusual): Stay home for 48 hours since the last episode.

-Vomiting (more than 2 times and/or occurring with fever): Stay home for 48 hours since the last episode of vomiting

-Vomiting (1 isolated occurrence without fever): Stay home for 24 hours since vomiting

-Fever (temperature equal to or more than 37.6 degrees celsius): Stay home 24 hours after the pupil is found fever free without intake of fever lowering medication

If your child is ill, please let your child’s teacher know and also whether the illness is contagious or not.


It’s almost show time! We are still busy practising our lines….we hope you’re looking forward to hearing us!

We will be practising our lines and songs for the show and  listening to our friends speaking as well. What kind of things would they say? What do they like? Who are their friends?

Can you talk about one of the characters from the show in a full sentence?


Listen, question, talk, asking, show


The children are getting much better at the first group of ‘tricky words’ I, the, to, go, no. We will be reading different short sentences with tricky words in them such as “I am a cat”, “It is the sun”, “Can I go to bed?” So that we can practise orally blending different decodable or tricky words. Look out for them in your reading books!


We are excited about visiting Café Du Village to buy a healthy snack this week!

We will be very responsible by counting out coins to pay for our snacks, and will also look at adding our coins together with a friend.

We will need to count forwards to help us know if we have enough money, and we might even try counting back to see how many coins we have left.


Number, teen number, one/two/three etc, add together, count out, money, coins  


We will be making good healthy choices at Café du Village, and thinking about this when we learn more about Christmas foods. We will make good healthy choices at lunchtimes and will be looking at our snacks to see if we have a healthy snack box or not.


Fruit, vegetables, healthy, food, strong, muscles, exercise, sugar, teeth


We will introduce forest animals, talking about where they live and how they move.

SONG:  The Elephant (大象 )(daxiang)

GAME:  Play and guess(做动作猜动物)(zuo dong zuo cai dong wu)

STORY: The gorilla (大猩猩)(da xing xing)


Forest 森林   (sen lin)     lion狮子   (shizi)      tiger老虎  (laohu)      elephant大象 (daxiang )  

 snake   蛇 (she)     monkey猴子 (houzi)


The monkeys climb high. The tigers run fast. 猴子爬得高。 老虎跑得快。(Hou zi pa de gao. Lao hu pao de kuai.) 


De goede Sint is in Shanghai aangekomen.   Deze week komen we alles te weten over deze bijzondere man.   In het boek `Met opa naar de Sint` neemt opa zijn kleinkinderen naar de intocht van Sinterklaas.  Maar opa is een beetje verstrooid waardoor ze te laat komen en slechts een glimp van Sinterklaas opvangen.   Gelukkig komt alles nog goed en  worden opa en de kinderen zelfs ingeschakeld om Sinterklaat te helpen met pakjes uitdelen!


We zoeken woorden die beginnen met de `p` van piet!


de mijter, de staf, de mantel, de handschoen, de ring,  de intocht, de schimmel, de pietenmuts