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Week Beginning 4 September 2017


  • Uniform- many children are looking smart in their new shorts, summer dresses and polo shirts. Please ensure that full school uniform, including black school shoes are worn daily. School PE kit can be purchased from the uniform shop and should be brought to school on your child’s PE day.
  • Help us to keep all your child’s belongings safe by naming everything clearly with name and class.
  • Family Library time: the main school Library on the 3rd floor is open on Monday and Tuesday evening after school every week for parents to share and borrow books.
  • Early Years library – now open! We are excited to announce that our new library is now ready for customers! We will be introducing the children to our new library this week and they will be allowed to borrow a book of their chosing for one week. Please share their book with them and talk about the pictures.
  • We invite you to a Principal’s workshop on Wednesday 6 September 8.45-9.30 in Stage One. How we Learn What We Learn: A Welcome to EYFS. This will provide a valuable insight into our curriculum.
  • Reuse, Reduce, Recycle: Second Hand Uniform Sale

Did your child outgrow their old uniform tops and bottoms? Did your child graduate from Primary to Secondary? Do you have unwanted uniform items? Will your family be moving on from BISS Puxi to new adventures? Please consider donating all your unneeded BISS Puxi uniforms to the Second Hand Uniform Sale. All items can be dropped at the Primary or Secondary reception desks throughout the school year. All items need to be clean and in good condition, thanks for your support.

Please come and restock your children's Primary and Secondary uniforms at our sales on Thursday, September 7th from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm in Primary Gallery.

Please remember to bring small cash and your own bag. All proceeds go to charity.

We need your help!!! If you would like to work on the Second Hand Uniform Sale project, please email Tracy at tracyly55@yahoo.com or wechat: tracyly55.  It only involves  four afternoons over the course of the school year.


We are nicely settled into our new classes and enjoying working with our friends, playing and learning everyday. We would now like to share more about ourselves with our teachers and friends, to help us learn some new words in English or extend our language as we describe our families. Please could you send a photo (email to the teacher is fine if this is easier) of your child and your family, or a recent trip you have been on, or simply anything exciting that has happened at home! We will encourage the children to notice the similarities and differences between families in the class. We can’t wait to learn more about each other!


family, me, mum, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandad, younger, older.


We will be talking in small groups, pairs and the larger group. We will model what good listening looks like. This will give children who are new to English the opportunity to practise speaking with teachers and friends, using new words that we have learnt in a sentence. It will give children who are more confident in English or native speakers the opportunity to develop listening skills and work on questioning  e.g. ‘who is in your family?’ We will help them to recall the answer and share it in the group.


We are continuing to develop our relationships with our friends in class, as well as the adults we work with. We are sharing toys together and using our words to tell someone to ‘Stop! I don’t like it’ if we need to.


We will be continuing to build our phonics knowledge, by looking at different letter shapes and saying the sounds they make. This week we will be learning about the letters s a t p i n to see if we can blend them together to say longer words. How many words can you make? Help your child to say them in a sentence so they make sense.


We will be continuing to count every day to 20, but we will also be looking at 2D shapes in our classrooms. We will practise drawing some shapes and making pictures with our favourite ones. I wonder if there are any shapes in your house?


We will continue talking about ourselves, introducing our family.


This is ME 这是我 (zhe shi wo )


Drawing my family


My dad  我爸爸 (wo baba ) , my mum我妈妈 (wo mama)


Dad 爸爸 ( baba )       Mum妈妈 (mama)         Elder sister姐姐 (jiejie )          Younger sister  妹妹(meimei)                   Elder brother 哥哥(gege)          Younger brother 弟弟(didi)


There are people in my family 我家里有     口人(wo jia li you     kou ren )


Deze week beginnen we volop met de voorbereiding voor de komst van de SDS –baby.  Wat heeft een baby allemaal nodig?  Hoe verzorg je een baby?  Bij mooi weer geven we de poppen buiten een badje .

In Villa Letterpret ordenen we deze week woorden die met de letter `g`  van groeien beginnen.   Kan jij de eerste letter van je naam op de lettermat vinden?

De kinderen van EYC kregen deze week op donderdag een biebboek mee naar huis.  Vanaf volgende week brengen we weer wekelijks op  dinsdag een bezoek aan de schoolbibliotheek.  Gelieve elke dinsdag het boek weer mee te geven met uw kind.  Hartelijk dank voor uw hulp hierbij.


de baby, verzorgen, fopspeen, aankleden, uitkleden, luier, weegschaal, thermometer, wiegen, rammelaar , zuigfles

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