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Week Beginning 12 June 2017


  • Healthy Snacks - Please ensure that your child’s daily snack is a healthy one.
  • Warm Weather - Now the weather is getting warmer, please could you encourage your child to bring in a hat and also a water bottle so that they remain well hydrated during the day.
  • Class Lists 2017-18

We are currently working on class lists for 2017-18 and will share these with you during the week beginning 12 June.

As is our practice, we aim to provide stability for our students by moving them up with their existing classes where possible, while also taking account to ensure that classes are balanced. Following the issue of the class lists, it will be possible to meet with Ms Jess should you have any questions. However, we ask for your trust in us that that all decisions taken are in the best interests of all the children and your understanding that we cannot meet requests of individual parents.

  • Wanted - Jumble items for Tanzania Table at the Garden Party.

We are a group of Y.8 & 9 students who are busy fundraising for the projects we will support in November when we travel to Tanzania on our amazing service project. We are looking for your help for contributions of second-hand toys, books and any other small unwanted household items for our Jumble Table at the Summer Garden Party. If you are leaving China or just having a Spring clean, please consider donating your unwanted items to our Tanzania Jumble Table. Please send them in to either the Primary or Secondary reception desks.

Thanks for your support.

Tanzania Student Team


In Literacy, children will be learning how to compose and write questions using the question words: who, why, where, when and what? They will learn to identify the difference between a statement and a question and learn when to use a question mark. Some children will also learn when to punctuate sentences with exclamation marks.


Question, who, why, where, when, what, question mark, sentence, statement, punctuation, exclamation mark.


In Maths,the children will be working on a range of topics they have covered this year. We will be solving problems with more than one answer.  We will also set up a fruit shop  for children to buy and sell.


Cost, together, key vocabulary, change. Pounds, pence.


This week the children will turn their skillset towards cooking and practical activities. The task this week is to taste test, and choose the ingresdients for a smoothie. They will do this through a selection of ‘taste tests’ and use vocabulary to describe what they can taste. As part of the project the children will design, name and label their chosen smoothie. As with all good products they need to be advertised so through the use of technology we will spend some time recording a radio advert towards the end of the week.


Cook, chop, cut, slice, chopping board, knife, spoon, fork, names of fruit, smoothie.



This week we will return to applying sounds. We are covering all phrase 3 sounds, finding words with more than one syllable and focusing on blending sounds together.

Puffer Fish

This week the Puffer Fish phonics group will be continuing to learn the new sound ai. We will be focusing on reading and spelling the words wait, pain, tail, snail and rain. We will also be learning how to read and spell the high frequency words was, will, with.


This week the children will learn alternative spellings for ‘ee’. They will learn that the sound ‘ee’ can also be spelt as ‘ea’, ‘e-e’, ‘y’ and ‘ie’. We will practise reading and spelling words with this sound such as: repeated, steaming, extremely, complete, relief, thief, ferry, sadly and funny.


This week Stingrays will be continuing to work on reading CVCC words. We will be practising using our blending skills for CC sounds like xt, tr, dr, and cr. As well this we are continuing to learn our tricky words such as said, like, come and some.


This week the Jelly Fish group will learn the alternative pronunciation of  ‘er’ and ‘ch’

They will be blending them together with other sounds when reading and spelling words i.e. her, stern, herbs, jerky, farmer, letter, nicer, servant, fern, school, chord, Chris and Chloe.  They will also be learning how to read and spell the tricky words: what, please, people, because, out, made and come


Now that we have learnt and investigated letters that have alternative pronunciation we will turn our attention to previously learnt sounds. This time we will look at the spellings of longer words that contain these sounds and how they appear in sentences. We will begin with the simple sound ‘ew’ and change the focus weekly.


Over the coming weeks the children will focus on developing Microsoft Office skills; specifically Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint. The children will develop typing skills and key skills in finding and using; text boxes, bold text, italics, changing fonts and font colours. All of which will be developed under our topic theme of Plants and Insects.


Computer, laptop, software, hardware, text, font, colour, italic, bold, Word, Powperpoint


Mandarin Y1MNDC1

We will review the words and sentence patterns we have learnt this term via various games and language activities.

Homework:  Worksheet

Mandarin Y1MNDC2

We will review the words and sentence patterns we have learnt this term via various games and language activities.

Homework:  Worksheet

Mandarin Y1 MNDCN



De kinderen van year 1 gaan deze week op safari in Afrika op zoek naar `de grote vijf`.  We lezen over leeuwen, giraffen en jachtluipaarden en bundelen onze onderzoeksresultaten in een dierenpaspoort.

De ze week worden er dagelijks CITO- toetsen afgenomen.  De kinderen hoeven hier niet extra voor te oefenen maar zoals steeds graag aandacht voor dagelijks (voor)lezen in het Nederlands.  

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