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Week Beginning 18 September 2017


  • We kindly ask that parents stay in the playground in the mornings and encourage their child to come up to their classroom with their teacher and class.


Our Literacy will support our research in to the 5 main sensory organs through small scale research projects. The children will obtain a number of facts and use these to help develop more structure for writing basic sentences which include; keeping letters on a line, increased accuracy of formation and punctuating the end of a sentence with a full stop.


Fact, sentence, form, formation, letters, full stop


Addition will be the focus of this week’s mathematics. We have developed a much clearer understanding of numbers and contextualised these with the physical amount that they represent. Now we will begin to use our knowledge of ‘one more’ to add an amount on to a given number. Most children should begin to add one more to a number within 10, some children should begin to add more than one to a number within 20 and beyond.


Addition, add, plus, in addition too, equals, amount, total, +, =


Our lessons this week will be kicked off with a fabulous ‘Senses Day’. Each classroom will be converted in to a sensory station for; taste, touch, smell, seeing, hearing and healthy eating. Through a series of practical, ‘hands on’ sensations the children will learn that their body has key organs that help us to respond to the world around us. We will then use this day to focus on one of these particular body parts.


Senses, taste, touch, smell, hear, see, nose, eyes, hands, tounge, ears


The children will continue to master the skill of logging themselves on and off of a computer or laptop. They will focus on learning how to type the Year 1 user name and password and will pratise their skills when moving the mouse. Within class, they will also be learning how to use the ipads correctly and safely.


Computer, laptop, keyboard, mouse, screen, log in, password, ipad.


This week we will continue to look at how we keep our bodies healthy. Our focus this week is through the choices of food that we make. Within the sensory day the children will have the opportunity to investgate which foods are better for us in smaller amounts and which foods allow our bodies to thrive and grow.


Food, healthy, eating, cabahydrates, protein, fats, sugar, choices


Deze week leggen de kinderen van year 1 de laatste hand aan hun persoonlijke groeimeter.  Naar aanleiding van het kinderboekenthema `Griezelen` hebben we het deze week over bang zijn.  We lezen het verhaal van Bang Mannetje van Mathilde Stein en Mies van Hout .  Bang Mannetje is bang voor  van alles:  van voordringen bij de bakker, van het dragen van een bloemetjesbroek en van rare geluiden in de nacht.  Hij maakt een afspraak met de Toverboom die bange mannetjes van hun angst afhelpt....  We verwoorden onze eigen grote en kleine angsten en hangen ze in de Toverboom.  Hoe kunnen we net als Bang Mannetje onze angsten toch overwinnen?

De letter van de week is de ` a ` van bang mannetje.


Mandarin Y1MNDC1/C2

Homework for this weekend: Sing a number song.

Next week we will learn to read the characters from “一” to “二十”. They will be able to point out a certain number among a group of numbers.

Mandarin Y1MNDC3

Homework for this weekend: Read the poem  ‘Good Friend’ to your family

Next week we will learn how to tell one’s name and nationality

Mandarin Y1 MNDCN


下周我们将学习入学准备3 “同学”。在语言环境中识记生字“里”“同”“多”。练习点读课文。