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Week Beginning 31 October 2016

Parent Consultations are on Tuesday 1st November and Thursday 3rd November. All ECAs will be cancelled on these days. Please note there will be NO ECAs on Tuesday or Thursday due to the PTCs.  Children need to be collected at 3:30 or go home on the bus as usual.  BISS Lions swimming and BISCAP will continue as normal.


  • School trip - After our disappointment when the Y1 Hongqiao Zoo trip got postponed, I am pleased to tell you we have re-scheduled it for Monday 31 October.
  • We will be leaving school at approximately 9.00am and returning to school in the afternoon in time for the usual end of day arrangements.
  • Students who normally have school lunch will be provided with a packed lunch on the day. All other students will need to provide their own lunch. You may pack an additional drink and small snack should you wish to. Children will also need to bring a suitable good sized bag to carry their belongings in.
  • Students will be required to wear uniform as normal on the day, but should wear comfortable walking shoes and depending upon the weather either a sunhat or light jacket.
  • Raincoat -Please ensure that your child brings a raincoat to school for the wet weather.


This week during Literacy we will be reading the story- Handa’s Hen written by the Author Eileen Brown. We will be focusing on the significance of the title of the story, the characters and the story setting. We will also be using time vocabulary and adjectives when writing a recount about our trip to the zoo.


Author, title, story, fiction, setting, characters, events, sequencing, recount, first, second, third, lastly, after, adjectives, sentences


This week we will be learning about data handling.  The children will learn how to read and create Venn diagrams. The children will also learn how to collect data by using tally charts and to present this information using a pictogram.


Data, chart, bar, line, number, amount, total, graph, grid, information, category, most, least


This week we will be looking at how our bodies interact with the world around us and how certain parts function. We will be learning and understanding how the 5 senses work and how they allow us interpret and interact with the world surrounding us and how they allow us to navigate it safely. We will think about how sights, smell, taste, touch and hearing  help us to appreciate the world around us and wewill explore the words we use to describe the sensations that arise from them.


Sight, touch, taste, smell, hearing, bitter, sour, sweet, blind, deaf


Through our work on Handa’s Surprise, we will be supporting the children to take into account other children’s feelings and views.


Our coding lessons continue this week as the children begin to be more competent in their use of basic coding structures. The children are now creating codes for more than one character at a time.


Computer, laptop, coding, Expresso, sofeware, program, keyboard, mouse


Puffer Fish -This week in phonics we will be consolidating our knowledge of the sounds- s, a, t, p, e. We will then be learning the new sounds i, n, m and d. We will practise reading and writing the words man, sad, sit and pen. We will also be learning to blend and read the high frequency words- I, is, it, in and an.

Sharks - The Sharks phonics group are focusing on the blending of words to support them when spelling. There will be some focus on patterns of words and the spelling of high frequency words.

Jellyfish - This week the Jellyfish phonics group will review all Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds learnt to date. They will then be learning the new sounds; sh, ch, th and  ng. They will practise reading and writing the words; shop, ship, fish, shell, shed, chop, chin, chuck, chill, then, them, that, this, with, long, sang, ping-pong and ring. They will also be learning to read the high frequency words; big, put, but and see. 

Starfish - This week the Starfish phonics group will be learning about the split diagraphs: a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e & u-e. The children will learn how the ‘e’ changes the vowel sound and how to blend and segment words with these sounds. The children will also learn to read and spell the tricky words: looked, called & were. Some children will also learn the polysyllabic words: classroom, together, grandmother.

Stingrays - Children in the Stingrays  will be introduced to ‘ng’ (ring) and ‘ai’ (rain). They will be looking at words with this spelling pattern and practise hearing the sound. They will also recap on sounds learnt so far this term.

Octopus- This week the Octopus phonics group will be consolidating their knowledge of the sounds- x, z, zz, ch, sh, qu, th. They will then be learning the new sounds ng and ai. They will practise reading and writing the words . They will also be learning to read and write the high frequency words you, they, and was.



Topic: Family members

Children will learn to read and write characters of family members: 爸爸baba/妈妈mama. They have also learned to express their love to them. 

Homework: Words search


Topic: Family members

Children will learn the characters of family members: 爸爸baba/妈妈mama. They have also learned to express their love to them. 

Homework: Read the Poem ‘I Love Mum and Dad’ and finish the worksheet.





Deze week bewerken we onze foto’s en denken we na over hoe wij eruit zullen zien wanneer we 100 zijn.  Misschien heb je wel grijs haar of helemaal geen haar meer?  Waarmee zul jij je dagen vullen als je zelf oma bent?

 We werken in de klas nog steeds verder aan onze eigen stamboom. Kan u enkele leuke familiefoto`s  mailen naar c-borger@bisspuxi.com of meegeven met uw kind?  Dank voor uw medewerking hierbij.

De letter van de week is `ie`.