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Week Beginning 5 June 2017


  • On Monday 5 June, Year 5 will be taking part in their ‘Space’ Learning Showcase. We would like to invite you into school to share your child’s learning. You are welcome to come in from 9:15am until 10:15am and be hosted by the students in the Year 5 classrooms as they take you through their learning journey. The children have worked very hard throughout this term and are looking forward to demonstrating what they have learned.
  • BISS Garden Party Saturday 10 June 1:00 – 4:00pm
  • Class Lists 2017-18

We are currently working on class lists for 2017-18 and will share these with you during the week beginning 12 June.

As is our practice, we aim to provide stability for our students by moving them up with their existing classes where possible, while also taking account to ensure that classes are balanced. Following the issue of the class lists, it will be possible to meet with Ms Jess should you have any questions. However, we ask for your trust in us that that all decisions taken are in the best interests of all the children and your understanding that we cannot meet requests of individual parents.

  • As the weather is getting warmer please ensure your child is dressed appropriately and has their named water bottle, sun hat etc
  • Wanted - Jumble items for Tanzania Table at the Garden Party

We are a group of Y.8 & 9 students who are busy fundraising for the projects we will support in November when we travel to Tanzania on our amazing service project. We are looking for your help for contributions of second-hand toys, books and any other small unwanted household items for our Jumble Table at the Summer Garden Party. If you are leaving China or just having a Spring clean, please consider donating your unwanted items to our Tanzania Jumble Table. Please send them in to either the Primary or Secondary reception desks.

Thanks for your support.

Tanzania Student Team


This week the children will be looking at a range of topics and debating the issues for and against. With plenty of opportunity for discussion and debate the children will explore how they can support their opinions and also challenge different points of view. The challenge will then be to use all of the information to write a balanced argument as well as to write a concluding statement. Topics include, homework, figit spinners, zoos and living in the country.


Opinion, evidence, modal verbs, for, against, debate, argument.


In Maths this week the children will be looking at Space problems. They will also create their own Space themed Maths problems based on some of the topics that they have studied this year. The children will get the opportunity to show some of these at the upcoming showcase.


problem solving, fractions, equivalence, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, shape


This week we will continue to practise our coding skills. Our  space games will continue to be made with loops, functions and variables. The children will continue to choose their own objects and events and practise writing code that detects values to set parameters. Our apps will be tested by our peers to see if they are workable and then any code will be debugged.


Loops, functions, variables, values, parameters, app, debugged


In Themed Learning the children will continue to develop their scientific skills through our unit on space. The children will focus on carrying out their own investigations and applying their knowledge of variables to find out a conclusion to their investigation. They will also have the opportunity to write up their experiment using the subheadings they were introduced to in previous work.


Variables, investigation, method, prediction, results, diagram, conclusion.


This week we will be focusing on E-Safetyand discussing the correct etiquette when using Ipads in school.


Ipads, etiquette, cyber bullying, respect,


Mandarin Y5C1

Topic: stationary

We will learn more keywords about stationary and practice how to borrow things in Chinese. We will also review what we learn this term.

Homework: Workbook

Mandarin Y5 C2/C3/C4

Topic: Revision

Students will review vocabulary and sentence pattern of this year.

Homework: Revision worksheet

Mandarin Y5 MND05CN              




Year 5  Spanish -  Ms Watson
Next week the students will still be looking at different modes of transport and giving directions. This week for homework they will be writing a paragraph about themselves and school. Discussing which subjects they like at school.

Year 5/6   Spanish - – Ms Caldwell
Next week, the children will be learning a wider range of verbs and how to change the endings to first or third person.  They will then be using them to experiment with sentence construction, using additional vocabulary to help them.
This weekend, the homework is to create their own ‘verb’ game to demonstrate and use in class.

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Ms Martinez
Next week we will perform a play script in Spanish and learn about the verb ser.

Homework: To revise the Baby Elephant story.

Year 5 / 6 French – Ms De Borger
Next week we will start with our last topic of the year: art.  We will meet the famous Belgian surrealistic artist René Magritte.  Making surrealistic collages in the style of Magritte, we will practice the names of the prepositions and talk about the arrangements of the objects in French.

This week's optional homework will be designing a French Kahoot quiz about your holiday presentation.

Key Vocabulary: être, devant, sur, derrière, sous, à, dans, entre

Year 6 French - Ms Rae

Next week in French, we will learn about where French is spoken in Africa. We will learn about countries in West Africa, as well as revise parts of the verb etre.
Homework this week is to read the short descriptions of four people opinions on school subjects and then complete the grid.

Year 5/6 Native French – M. Valente
La semaine prochaine, nous ferons une dictée et en préparerons une autre. Les difficultés de cette dernière seront les accords sous toutes leurs formes (adjectifs irréguliers/verbes des trois groupes au présent et passé composé) Pour les devoirs, il faut mémoriser l’orthographe des mots en haut de la préparation de dictée numéros 7 et 8 et faire tous les exercices de la page de préparation de dictée 7.

Year 5/6 Native German – Ms. Brannasch

Die Schüler untersuchten die zusammengesetzten Nomen und die damit verbundenen Regeln, z.B. den Artikelgebrauch und das Fugen-S.
Zu Hause sollen sie die Übungen auf den Arbeitsblättern erledigen und natürlich fleiβig lesen.

Year 5/6 Native Spanish  – Ms Garcia

Dado que hemos acabado la segunda parte del examen esta semana, la semana que viene vamos a corregir los errores que hayamos cometido. Luego revisaremos materia para afianzar y mejorar. Para deberes, los estudiantes deben leer otro capítulo de un libro de su elección y resumirlo


In het wild

De leerlingen van KS2 werken aan het thema ‘In het wild’. In dit thema doen leerlingen rollenspellen, maken ze een stripverhaal over een zelfverzonnen avontuur of aflevering van Freek in het Wild en maken ze een vlog van een ode aan hun favoriete dier, geïnspireerd op de boeken ‘Zij de cobra, wij de adder’ (Y3 en 4) en ‘stem op de okapi’ (Y5 en 6).                                           Cito-toetsen

Deze week maken de leerlingen het gros van de Cito-toetsen. De onderdelen begrijpend en technisch lezen, spelling en woordenschat worden getoetst.

Leerlingen kunnen niet voor de toetsen leren, maar het wekelijkse huiswerk van SDS  is een goede Cito-training.De leerlingen worden vooral aangemoedigd om extra spelling te oefenen met BLOON (www.bloon.nl, inlognaam is SDSyear3 of SDS year4 of SDSyear5 of SDSyear6, wachtwoord spellen). Het trainen van spelling is een kwestie van herhaling. 

Ook het maken van de Nieuwsbegripopdrachten online is een goede oefening.

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