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Week Beginning 22 May 2017


  • Y5/6 School Sports Day Friday 26 May (9-12.20PM)
  • BISS Garden Party Saturday 10 June 1:00 – 4:00pm
  • As the weather is getting warmer please ensure your child is dressed appropriately and has their named water bottle, sun hat etc
  • Wanted - Jumble items for Tanzania Table at the Garden Party

We are a group of Y.8 & 9 students who are busy fundraising for the projects we will support in November when we travel to Tanzania on our amazing service project. We are looking for your help for contributions of second-hand toys, books and any other small unwanted household items for our Jumble Table at the Summer Garden Party. If you are leaving China or just having a Spring clean, please consider donating your unwanted items to our Tanzania Jumble Table. Please send them in to either the Primary or Secondary reception desks.

Thanks for your support.

Tanzania Student Team


In Literacy this week we will be assessing the children’s knowledge with our SATs tests. This will cover reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar as outlined in the SATs booklet.



In Maths this week we will be assessing the children’s knowledge with our SATs tests. This will comprise of one calculation paper and two reasoning papers as outlined in the SATs booklet.



This week is the sixth week of our exciting new topic ‘If I Ruled the World’. We will be continuing to look at the profound questions that we considered in our Entry Point. We will continue to look at issues that have no clear answers and discuss how to weigh up evidence to come up with our own opinions. We will also use our deep thinking to inspire our artwork based on using digital media to create a collage.


Reflection, skills, team work, assess, develop, explain


This week we will be looking again at e-Safety, further helping the children understand how to be safe when online and how to control their own profile on the internet. We will also look at how to make safe searches and how to respond if something inapropriat is encountered.


eSafety, responsible, aware, choices


This week the children will be continuing to discuss safe play and sensible choices on the playground. We will be discussing how to resolve conflict peacefully and will continue to take the children outside to play some new playground games. This will encourage the children to take turns and socialise in a safe and enjoyable environment.  


peaceful problem solving, safe play, sensible choices, behavior, expectations.


Mandarin Y6C1

Topic: Unit 4-5 Revision.

Students will start revise words and phrases according to the given paper work.


Mandarin Y6C2

Topic:Continue Lesson. 15 “Neighbourhood”

Students will learn text 1 and finish related exercise


Mandarin Y6C3

Topic: Lesson 8-Hobby(2)-Contniued

Student will learn how to describe their hobbies of sports


Mandarin Y6C4

Topic:  Lesson 12 Means of Transport-Text 2-Continued

Student will be able to share what transportation they use for their daily life


Mandarin Y6CN1/2


家庭作业 (Optional):抄写生字词


Year 6 French – Dr. Cattel / Mme McConnon.
Next week, we will do more practice and consolidation of regular –er verbs in the present tense to talk about ourselves and family.
Homework this week is to design a hat for yourself or one of your parents for the BISS Garden Party. You should then describe it in French. Remember to ensure your adjectives agree with the word they are describing.

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Ms Martinez
Next week we will finish off our Spanish diamond poems, and learn the phoneme qu.
Homework: To finish their 10 questions in Spanish to include in our class Kahoot.

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Ms Caldwell
Next week, the children will be cooking some Spanish recipes and writing the instructions for this in Spanish.  They will use verbs such as ‘mix’, ‘pour’, ‘cook’ as well as previously learned vocabulary from our Food Topic.  They will collate all of the recipes (adding in additional ones that they find) and design their own recipe book to take home.
Homework this week is to source ingredients for cooking!

Year 5/6 French - Ms Rae

Next week, we will revise how to form the near future tense of the verb áller. We will also be

using the play script of ‘Cendrillon’ to act out and perform to our peers.

Homework this week is to use a dictionary to find the translations of different carnival animals.

Could you draw a picture to represent each one too?

Year 5/6 Native French – M. Valente
La semaine prochaine, nous ferons une dictée et en préparerons une autre. Les difficultés de cette dernière seront les homophones ou/où – on/ont/on n’ – le présent et le futur de l’indicatif – les accords sujet/verbe et des groupes nominaux. Pour les devoirs, il faut mémoriser l’orthographe des mots en haut de la préparation de dictée numéro 3 et faire les exercices 1, 2 et 4 de cette même page.

Year 5/6 Native German – Ms. Brannasch
Die Schüler hatten Spass beim Untersuchen, wie die Stimme emotional eingesetzt werden kann, und zwar bei den Fussballkommentaren. Danach übten die Schüler, Kommentatoren zu sein und ihre Stimme bewusst benutzen, um leise, laut, betont, deutlich, mit Ausdruck und mit Pausen ein Fussballspiel zu kommentieren. Zu Hause sollten sie den Kommentar zum Fussballspieltext, den wir im Unterricht behandelten, zuerst ins Heft schreiben und dann aufnehmen. Dafür können die Kinder ihre iPads benutzen.

Year 5/6 Native Spanish  – Ms Garcia
La semana que viene vamos a enfocarnos en ortografía y conjugación gramática y ortografía para prepararnos para el examen de final de año. Para deberes, deben revisar lo que hemos hecho hasta ahora.


Kunst, met een grote K


Deze week ronden we het thema af en evalueren we wat we geleerd hebben. Op donderdag 25 mei openen we de expositie ‘Kunst, met een grote K’ in de gang bij de Nederlandse lokalen. Informatie volgt in de SDS-Nieuwsbrief.

Ook zullen we langzaam starten met de voorbereiding van de Cito-toetsen die zeer spoedig weer zullen aanvangen. In verband met verschillende schooltrips en sportevenementen lopen de startdata wat uiteen, maar bijna alle klassen in KS2 starten na het lange weekend. Een enkele leerling begint volgende week.

De leerlingen kunnen niet leren voor de Cito-toets. Wel is het aan te raden om trouw het Nieuwsbegrip en BLOON-huiswerk te maken, omdat de vraagstelling en de spellingcategorieën overeenkomen met de Cito-opgaven. Alle leerlingen hebben de inloggegevens voor beide websites. Mocht het inloggen niet lukken, neem dan contact op met Chris (c-samsom@bisspuxi.com).

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